Reasons why floor tiles are better while designing a home

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Over the years, tiles have gained enormous popularity in the construction business due to several reasons. The right type of floor and wall tiles can truly transform the look of any space. The tiles of a space, when chosen appropriately exude a sense of elegance and comfort. Today, tiles not only play a key functional role but also greatly affect the entire aesthetic of the place. 

Here are some reasons why tiles are a better choice than other traditional flooring materials. 

Probably the most important reason for their popularity, easy maintenance is what impresses users the most about tiles. Vitrified floor and wall tiles are resistant to water, dirt, dust, scratches and stains and require minimal maintenance. They do not chip, fade, crack or get discoloured even after years of use and exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This makes them a great option for not just indoors but also for outdoor areas.

Tiles are proven to be a more economical option than wooden flooring or marble. These conventional flooring ideas are heavy on the pocket not just during purchase and installation but even later as they would frequently require expensive repairs. Further, their application takes a long amount of time. 

Widest range of styles and designs
Within the flooring market, tiles are available in a great variety of styles, patterns, designs, colours and types. Thanks to digital printing technology, it is now possible to print any pattern on the tiles, making the options virtually limitless. Vitrified tiles can also be given a wood-like or marble finish so that they can seamlessly mimic the look of natural timber or elegant marble without bringing along their extensive maintenance hassles. 

A pick for every space 
Today, the flooring industry has different kinds of tiles for different spaces. While living room tiles add the effect of increased light and space, bathroom tiles should be anti-skid. Similarly, bedroom tiles can have a glossy finish whereas kitchen tiles need to be easy to clean & maintain. Thus, one can always find their appropriate pick for different areas in their house. 

Installation and application 

Unlike wooden tiles or marble, vitrified floor tiles are extremely easy to install. They take much lesser time and cause reduced wastage. As these tiles come in various sizes, one can effectively cut down on wastage and save time. 

Another reason for the high popularity of tiles over other building materials is their resistance to weather conditions. With low porosity, vitrified tiles are water-tight. They are also immune to any weather changes including extreme temperatures, rainfall or exposure to saline water, thus making them a perfect fit for all geographical locations. 

Variety of finishes
When it comes to tiles, you can choose from a huge range of finishes and styles. Depending on your functional and personal needs, one can make a choice between glossy, matte, high-glossy, sugar, rustic or baby soft finishes. Whereas, this choice is eliminated in the case of other flooring materials like stone or marble.

Why are Vitrified Tiles a great option? 

Vitrified tiles are manufactured using advanced technology and high quality raw materials like clay, feldspar and other minerals. The tiles are then dry pressed and fired at very high temperatures which imparts a tough and firm build. Vitrified floor tiles are extremely durable and versatile in nature. They come in different types that are appropriate for different spaces in the house.

Glazed vitrified tiles 

These floor tiles are single layer tiles that get their attractive designs due to digital printing technology.  GVT tiles are an ideal choice for living room tiles, bedroom tiles, and even wall tiles.

Polished glazed vitrified tiles
Polished GVT Tiles are added with an extra layer of polish or glaze that imparts a shine and a glossy look to the tiles. They are perfect for larger spaces like living rooms or other common rooms.  

Double charged vitrified tiles
These tiles work great as outdoor tiles as they’re thicker in nature and can withstand wear and tear easily. 

Full body vitrified tiles 
Built thicker than the regular tiles, full body vitrified tiles are a perfect match for areas with heavy footfall like corridors or retail spaces. 

Digital wall tiles 
Digital wall tiles are printed with stunning patterns, colours and designs using digital printing technology. These wall tiles are a great option for bathroom and kitchen wall tiles. 

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