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October - 2019

5 features to look for in your Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

While every part of our home is dear to us and has its own designated purpose, the kitchen and bathroom are the most functional spaces in every house and choosing the right bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles is therefore critical. The other thing they have in common is that they are also invariably the spaces that see the most water usage. They are also the two spaces where we stand more often than sit or lay down. These factors mean that the tile requirements for these spaces are slightly different from the rest of the house, which are relatively drier areas.

Here is a handy guide of features you should look out for while picking out kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles for your space:

Low water absorption

In areas that see heavy water usage, like the kitchen and bathroom, it is important to use floor tiles that absorb the least amount of water as possible. The joints between the tiles should also be minimal, reducing the probability of dust settling in the grouts. Vitrified tiles are undeniably the popular choice, due to their resistance to dust and stains. They are perfect for heavy-duty Indian homes as even the most stubborn stains, like those caused by oil spatters, can be cleaned with a simple swipe of a sponge. Vitrified tiles require very minimal maintenance, meaning you live hassle-free.

Functionally aesthetic

While choosing kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, it is important to get a colour and texture that complement not just the look of the space, but also lend something in terms of functionality. Light coloured tiles make the space look bigger and cleaner. It also makes it easier to notice and clean any stains or spots. Light coloured tiles also absorb lesser heat compared to the darker colours.


Tiles with smooth glazed surfaces are dangerous for kitchens and bathrooms, and must be avoided in these spaces. While they give the tiles an elegant look and feel, they offer very minimal traction, making them prone to skidding when there is any amount of moisture on them. For functional ease, and mainly out of safety concerns, choose anti-skid floor tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. Smooth tiles can be used on the walls to give them a premium feel.


This factor should apply for all the tiles used in every part of your home, but even more importantly for kitchens and bathrooms. This is because these areas face much heavier usage when compared to other rooms. Vitrified tiles have very low water absorption and do not chip or crack easily. Their stain-resistant and easy-to-maintain properties make them remain looking great even after years of heavy use.

Matching your decor

Functional aspects are all well and good, but what matters equally is how good your tiles look! With Vitero wall and floor tiles, you have the widest range of designs and patterns to choose from, giving you the freedom to showcase your unique style. Mix and match plain and patterned designs, or go with soft and subtle hues to add a tinge of elegance. Your imagination is the only limit with Vitero tiles.

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