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Natural wooden flooring, the most coveted floor type everyone wants to have, is no longer an option. It is not just a question of being expensive anymore, but raises a much more life impacting reason to avoid such a luxury. 

Nature doesn’t need us, we need nature 

The world is running out of forests that produced timber out of which planks are cut to be used for wooden flooring and to make furniture. The estimated rate of deforestation is in the region of 20 million acres lost each year. To bring these real and sinister statistics home, more than 2400 trees are cut down each minute. 

If that is not enough to make you sit up and take notice, the following definitely will: 137 different species of plants, animals, and birds are lost every single day due to the loss of rain forests. 31% of modern diseases are a result of deforestation. And hold your breath, deforestation causes approximately $2 trillion to $4.5 trillion in lost biodiversity each year. 

But what more does all this destruction mean? To put it bluntly, we are collectively responsible for triggering an irreversible disaster. We as users of natural timber are not only destabilizing the delicate balance nature maintains, but have actively assisted in increasing the rate of global warming. 

Becoming more or less the primary cause for so many more instances of wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, annual flooding and causing a dramatic increase in the concentration of harmful particles in the air we breath.

Best change comes from within 

More and more specifiers are working towards reversing this disastrous trend. Instead of recommending a natural wood flooring, designers are advising clients to resist the urge. Especially when there is an effective solution that combines remarkable aesthetics of wood, with benefits that natural wood cannot provide.  

Unlike natural timber, wood finish vitrified tiles are incredibly hard-wearing, really easy to maintain and won’t rot or warp when they get wet. What is more, the range of wood effects come in all manner of sizes and styles. 

They can be perfectly combined with all types of decoration. Bringing a touch of nature to your spaces and even become the focal point for your interiors and statements of style. Depending on the aesthetic effect you choose, wood finish vitrified tiles soften the atmosphere, giving a lot of character to your decor, while making it extremely warm and friendly.

Designs for all seasons

Wood finish vitrified tiles is a material that can be combined with many others such as metal or stone, for example. The latter can create surprising associations and can be laid not only on floors but also on walls as well. Giving a contemporary design look by creating a combination of pleasing colours, and a choice to establish the overall style of your interior spaces. 

Technological advances now make it possible to produce even more original colours like grey for instance, which is often more difficult to find in natural wood. These grey wood effect finish lightens and refreshes an area where an atmosphere of rest and comfort is a design requirement. You can also create a more authentic look with more character, by using darker shades of colours and bring to life an antique look and feel, if that is what you prefer. 

Think of creating an even more unique and chic concept, by choosing black wood effect vitrified tiles. The intense black look will highlight rest of the interior and create contrasts with the colour of your walls and the elements in your decoration. Something that you cannot achieve using natural timber!

Finally, there are shades of bleached or warmer colours you can choose to bring softness and warmth to the interiors, with a beige wood effect you will be able to create perfectly suited minimalist style that most want to achieve but are seldom successful. As a matter of fact, with a wood finish vitrified tile you could make your design in which wood is an integral part of your style statements without hurting the environment.

Benefits real wooden floors cannot match

Unlike real wood, which is generally a soft material and degrades more easily and quickly due to heavy traffic, wood effect vitrified tiles are highly resistant to wear and tear. They are easy to clean and do not require special treatment like real wooden flooring do -- the frequent application of a protective varnish or wax.

Since the suface of the wood effect flooring is almost non-porous, stains remain only on the surface and are easy to remove. All that the wood effect vitrified tile needs is hot and clear water to be thoroughly cleaned. They will maintain their bright and shinning appearance for the years to come. Besides, the flooring will remain hygienic throughout its lifetime, because wood effect vitrified tiles do not permit the development or growth of bacteria .

Wood effect, indoors & outdoors

One of the greatest qualities offered by vitrified tiles is that it repels water due to its almost zero porosity and feature anti-slip technology. Making them an ideal choice for not only wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also for outdoor settings such as flooring around swimming pools, terraces, balconies and verandas. 

Vitrified tiles are also recommended for outdoor use since their colour and finish remain unaltered from the effect of solar radiation. Furthermore, it is strong enough to support heavy traffic areas and acts as a fire-resistant material, and meets all the requirements set out in the Technical Building Code.

Wood effect vitrified tiles are not affected due to frost or bad weather or because UV rays can discolour it. They retain their original colour, sheen and their good looks despite being exposed to the harshest of weather conditions. over time.

Ask the experts

Vitero is among the leading brands in the manufacture of vitrified tiles in the country. By quickly establishing its leadership in the market by setting new trends in styles owners of homes and commercial spaces desire and demand. 

Vitero combines the aesthetics of natural wood with the technical properties of vitrified tiles. Using the latest digital-printing technology, wood-effect vitrified floor tiles are making it more and more difficult to distinguish a flooring produced using natural wood.

Vitero offers a broad variety of formats, which emulate bevelled boards to neoclassical-style herringbone formats, and in shades and finishes that replicate walnuts, oaks, mahagony, the wood-effect vitrified flooring you can create are quite simply matchless. Vitero helps you combine the warmth of wood and the low maintenance of vitrified tiles seamlessly.

Vitero wood finish collection has marked a new era in the interior design standards by offering textures of beech, oak, walnut, mahogany and cedar. Their delicate feel, fine grain and realistic colours make the vitrified wood finish a great option for substituting natural woods. 

For a detail consultations please share your email and contact details. Vitero flooring expert will respond to your query with 24 hours!

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