Some like Marble, you will love the Vitrified Tiles !

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Floors are one of the first things that make an impact on your guests and you as you enter a home. But remember, if you don’t like something in your home, like the artefacts, the colour of your walls, or the furniture, you can change it easily. But you can’t do the same when it comes to the floor. Redoing the flooring is not only time consuming but also expensive and messy.

Which is why it helps to take all the time and care before you take your decisions on what kind of flooring your interiors must have. Speak to your friends, your interior designer and look around, noting what others have done with their floors.

While no one can stop you from choosing a marble flooring, there are many drawbacks to this option. However, the final choice is really up to you. Just bear in mind though, re-laying the floor is an expensive plan to undertake, one that you might not want to revisit for years to come.

So don’t let other options that are available overwhelm you, nor allow them to compromise on your inherent style and taste.  Take your time, allow due diligence and care to help you make the right decision. Especially when the choice comes to choosing between natural marble and vitrified tile with its flawless and stunning finishes. 

Consider the properties of both the choices

When homeowners get their flooring decisions right, they end up having not only a great looking flooring that will last for years, but a flooring that speaks volumes about their good taste and just plain common sense.  You should have no doubts about either vitrified tiles or natural marble, they have properties that make them unique to each other.
Vitrified tiles are made by a process called vitrification. Due to the very high temperatures used in the process to fuse the mixture of clay, silica, feldspar and quartz, the molten liquid state of the mix solidifies into one of the toughest materials, infused with qualities that make them fit for flooring.

Vitrified tiles are very strong, glossy, are less moisture absorbent and more stain and scratch resistant than any other flooring material known to man. Vitrified floor tiles are non-porous, do not absorb water or other chemicals in disinfectants. This helps in making them stain and scratch resistant as well. These, among many other characteristics, make vitrified tiles the preferred choice among home and commercial space owners.

While marble is a natural stone, it is very porous and easily absorbs water and reacts very easily to most liquids and substances and stains quickly. Either you clean the spillage immediately or it will leave an ugly stain that will be hard to remove. A permanent mark is often an ugly thing to see on an otherwise shiny and clean floor.

Easy Availability

Vitrified tiles are available in a ready-to-ship condition. And they are easier and faster to lay the floor -- Takes just 1.5 working days for a standard-size room. 

Since they are pre-polished, there is no need for a laborious finishing process on site. Vitrified tiles can be cut manually laid in a variety of patterns and combinations to suit individual needs.

As marble is not available in a ready-to-ship condition, you first need to place an order, wait for the cutting and grinding of marble to suit your space. The installation process for marble is also more time consuming and labor intensive.  

Then you need more time for laying the floor and then wait for it to set. The time needed for polishing and finishing also adds to the overall installation time. And making sure the flooring is level has to be checked after every slab is laid, adding to further delays.

Extremely Durable

Vitrified tiles are extremely durable and can withstand heavy footfalls and rough usage. These tiles don’t fade and are scratch resistant and last for years to come needing very little by way of maintenance.

Though considerably stronger than other types of flooring, marble however, tends to develop a yellowish tinge after a few years of use and is easily affected by pollutants in the air. In other words, marble floor tiles require more attention, timely maintenance and extra care.

Works Out Very Cost-effective

Being man-made, vitrified tiles are more affordable when compared to marble. The cost depends on the veining and the overall design and the brand you choose. The cost of flooring (including the cost of the tile, cost of other materials and labor charges) vary, but is reasonable and much lower than for marble.

Being a naturally occurring material, the cost of marble is more than vitrified tiles. The price of course will vary according to the grade, and rarity of the veining and colour. Indian marble floor tiles cost less than other varieties such as Italian pink marble, which is needless to say exorbitant!

Looks beautiful for years

Vitrified flooring tiles are available in a range of eye-catching vein patterns, non-fading colours, patterns and finishes. It is also possible to create all kinds of special effects. The grout lines between vitrified tiles are extremely fine and look cleaner when compared to marble floor tiles.

Natural marble also looks great as a floor, but looking good comes with extra costs. While its natural look adds to the aesthetic appeal, the maintenance is high.

Vitrified can be used everywhere

You can use vitrified tiles for indoor and outdoor flooring surfaces, as well as for heavy traffic areas. Since vitrified tiles are also available in anti-skid or slip-resistant finishes, they are also ideal for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens and balconies.

Marble flooring, on the other hand, tends to be slippery when used in wet areas. As it has a very porous surface, avoid natural marble for kitchens. Marble is not suitable for outdoor spaces either, as weathering and pollutants tend to erode a marble surface look and feel.

While Marble is expensive and limited to what it can offer by way of colours, vitrified floor tiles not only offer you more colours and veining designs but also durability. All at a price that is much lower than marble.

Consider another undeniable fact. This one makes a noticeable difference and scores over natural marble is the mirror like finish offered by vitrified flooring. This is among the many other reasons why no homeowner ever regrets opting for a vitrified flooring with a marble look.

When so much is at stake, it is best to choose wisely, for a care-free flooring solution that will be right for years to come. The Vitero Team of highly trained staff can give you helpful hints and tips and their experience in helping you choose what is right for you will be invaluable.

Just let them know your budget, the pattern you are looking for, and your colour preference. Then leave the rest to them. is all they need to recommend the best options. You will end up having a flooring that is truly world class!

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