Anti-Skid Tiles – keeps kids safe & the elderly from getting hurt

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Home is where real life happens — whether it is kids running in and out of the kitchen on a rainy day or an elderly parent visiting the washroom at night, the possibility of slippage is high and the risk of breaking a bone or two is real.

Choosing safe floor tiles for homes is not at all complicated. The trick is to consider five main factors and to prioritize those factors for each type of flooring and how and where you will use it.

These five factors are:

  • Slip-resistance: Will the tiles present a non-slip surface when wet?
  • Ease of travel: Is the flooring material easy to move over for a person using a cane, walker, or wheelchair?
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance: How much work does it require to maintain the tiles?
  • Comfort: Is the floor comfortable to walk on?
  • Cushion: Can the floor take the weight of a fall without hurting?

The importance of these qualities may vary depending on the location. For example, if you’re looking for bathroom floor tiles, it’s most important to choose a non-slip flooring that’s easy to walk on and is easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to your home, there are areas such as hallways, kitchen and bathrooms that get a combination of high traffic and wet surfaces from splashes or wet shoes and dogs. Anti-skid tiles are the ideal solution to incorporate into these rooms.

Anti-Skid Tiles

For obvious reasons, anti-skid tiles are different to regular, smooth surface tiles due to the extra grip the surfaces offer. This is achieved through a matt glaze type or by texturing the surface of the floor tiles. These can be combined to ensure that rooms, where users are prone to slipping, are made safer by reducing the potential for a slip to occur. Yet give you the option to create a stylish environment for your family to enjoy.

Why Opt For Anti-skid Floor Tiles?

It’s extremely easy to splash water or drop a small spillage of food on the floor, creating an unnoticeable hazard within your home. Hallways and kitchens are more prone to this form of spillages, especially when they have additional entrances. But overall, bathrooms present the highest risk.

Steam from hot water settle on your tiled flooring or children wetting the floor while bathing can lead to slippery surfaces. And before you know it, your bathroom floor can turn into a very dangerous space, destined to accidents and injuries.

This is why anti-skid floor tiles become necessary and will play a vital role in making floorings safer. The rough to touch and raised surface of these tiles ensure feet don’t slip.

Keeping You Safe

Anti-skid tiles from Vitero offer both functionality with style, and will be the perfect solution to any bathroom or kitchen.  They combine slip resistance with great durability.

Like regular tiles, durability and attractive appearance of non-slip tiles for wet zones are not compromised. Plus, Vitero anti-skid tiles come in various colours, patterns and finishes, perfect to suit any style and size of the home.

Most floor tiles used in homes and commercial settings are assigned a slip rating to indicate the quality of resistance to slipping. Vitero tiles offer high slip-resistance, keeping children safe and the elderly from slipping and needlessly causing harm to themselves.

Bear in mind, the older one gets, the more time it takes to recover from an injury. And no one wants their kids to hurt themselves while at play, whether in a bathroom or on the playground.

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