Vitrified tiles are suitable for wet area

March - 2020

Are Vitrified Tiles best for wet rooms?

Indian bathrooms, unlike in the bathspaces in western countries, are subject to being ruthlessly scrubbed, thoroughly cleaned and washed, every day. The same rigor is applicable to kitchens and laundry spaces. Cleanliness is more like a daily ritual that is never missed. That’s why our bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles need to be picked very carefully. This is where vitrified tiles come in.

Bathrooms in many Indian homes, the older ones at least, are built without dividers between the shower, sink and toilet, and hence the floor of a bathroom is more likely to remain wet most of the time.

So tiles that may be right for a home in the western country, may not be so right for an Indian wet room. Keeping this fact in mind, it makes good sense to choose the flooring material that will stand up to all the abuse and will last for generations to come, like the glazed vitrified tiles. There is nothing quite like this tile in terms of durability, elegance and ease of maintenance that it brings.

Considering that everyone is producing tiles these days, you have to be picky and choosy in your search for the right bathroom tile. Whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, it’s important to choose the right tile.

Glazed vitrified tiles are not just non-porous, stain resistant, but also anti-bacterial and resist fungus buildup and are very easy to clean and maintain. They also have the benefit of being anti-skid and comfortable to walk on barefoot. Very useful, when you have the elderly and young children at home. 

You need to make wet areas safe and hygienic. Additionally, vitrified tiles come in a range of sizes, choose the larger-sized tiles over smaller ones. This will help lay a floor absolutely level and inclining towards the drain. 

Using small size tiles is not advisable as they tend to increase the cluttered look, and increase the number of grout line in between tiles. Even with regular cleaning, the grout lines are likely to attract ungainly grim and dirt over time, and will create a dirty look to an otherwise beautiful bathroom or kitchen.

What is Meant by “Glazed”

Most people wrongly perceive that the word “glazed” means shiny or glossy. But for people in the industry the word is used to refer to the thin layer of enamel or liquid glass that is applied to all vitrified tiles. Glaze is a material, and not a description. Almost all vitrified tiles are glazed. This glaze comes in the form of a matt or a glossy finish. 

There are two types of finishes you can choose from. The full-bodied vitrified tiles without glazing are a preferred choice for wet areas. This is more durable as the colour and texture is uniform and runs throughout the depth of tile and is completely resistant to chipping and scratching and fading. 

While the second type, is the glazed vitrified tile, which is available in the widest range of colours and design. You will find them just right for almost any style. Right from going for a natural stone finish or a faux-wooden finish or marble, always look to coordinate with the decor of the rest of the home.

Why You Should Prefer Vitero

Vitero tiles are made using the most advanced tile-making technology from Italy. Creating a new benchmark in creativity, quality and perfection, they are produced using a precise selection of high grade raw materials like clay, feldspar and other ingredients; pressing to 4600 tons (400kg/cm2), firing at 1200-1250 degrees for 90 minutes and rectifying. This gives the vitrified tile breaking strength of over 9500N, making them also ideal for outdoor use and for areas with high foot traffic. The low water absorption property and the high anti-slip rating makes every Vitero floor tile stain-resistant and slip-resistant. Combined with the wide range of eye-catching designs, attractive colours, and a variety of textures, these tiles provide the most compelling tiling solution that brings large and small spaces to life.

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