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Which is a better flooring: Vitrified Tile or Marble?

Floor tiles brings a sense of stability and a subtle grounding effect to the entirety of your interiors. It, therefore, is of great importance that you choose the right floor tiles for your home as flooring is an expensive plan to undertake, one that you might not want to revisit for years to come.


However, there is a common dilemma that haunts most of us when choosing between the time-honored marble and the relatively newer but equally popular vitrified floor tiles. With the selection of the right floor tiles, it not only last for years but also enhances the overall look of the house.


Vitrified Tiles vs Marble:


Vitrified floor tiles are made by a process called vitrification. Due to very high temperatures used in this process, the mixture of clay, silica, feldspar and quartz change into a molten liquid state and then solidify to make vitrified tiles a very tough material.


Vitrified floor tiles are stronger, glossier, less moisture absorbent and more stain and scratch resistant than any other flooring material known to man. These characteristics make vitrified floor tiles the preferred choice among home and commercial space owners.


Below are the key advantages that Double Charged Vitrified tiles have over Marble and should be the first choice for customer looking to buy floor tiles.


Easily Available:


Vitrified floor tiles are available in a ready-to-ship condition, easier and faster to lay the floor — Takes just 1.5 working days for a standard-size room. These floor tiles require less setting time, are pre-polished, can be cut manually to have different patterns and so are ready for use shortly after installation.


Easy to Maintain:


Vitrified floor tiles are easiest to clean and maintain. Due to their non-porous nature, these tiles absorb very little water and therefore are resistant to most stains. Regular swabbing is enough to keep the floor gleaming.


Extremely Durable:


Double charged vitrified tiles are extremely durable and can withstand heavy use. These tiles are not prone to fade and are scratch resistant and last for years to come with very little maintenance.


Works Out Very Cost-effective:


Being man-made, vitrified floor tiles are more affordable when compared to marble. The cost depends on the design and quantity you choose. The tiles price for vitrified floor tiles is reasonable and much lower than that of marble.


Looks Beautiful For Years:


Vitrified floor tiles are available in a range of eye-catching colours and finishes. It is also possible to create all kinds of effects – marble, natural wood or stone. The grout lines can be extremely fine and look cleaner when compared to marble.


Use Vitrified Everywhere:


You can use vitrified floor tiles for indoor and outdoor surfaces as they are anti-skid in nature and is ideal for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.


This is among the many other reasons why no customer ever regrets opting for double charged vitrified tiles.


VITERO team of highly trained staff can give you helpful hints and tips to choose the best floor tiles. Their assistance will be invaluable. A budget, a design and colour preference is all they need to recommend the best options. When so much is at stake, it is best to choose wisely.

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