Black And White Tiles Designs

November - 2018

5 ways to turn around your space with black and white tiles

Black and white tiles give the uber chic look that never goes out of style. The duet of black and white can turn the dullest of rooms into an alluring and aesthetic space.

Here are some brilliant ideas on how to turn around your space with black and white tiles designs:

    1. Checkmate – Other styles may come in vogue and disappear later but the timeless and classy checkerboard design always wins by a mile. Lay them on the diagonal and get the most out of it. To obtain a contemporary minimal look in your kitchen or for a ritzy bathroom, arranging the black and white tiles serve your purpose easily. Place a few antique artefacts in the corners to complement that elegance.


    1. Monochrome – Black and white is not always a simple and minimal appearance. If you pick the right shaded tiles, you can get a charming hotel-style look just like that. Selecting either the floor or walls for the dark tiles depends on what you want to emphasize more. Choose between dramatic and subtle. Darker the tiles are, gloomy the mood is and the whiter ones give you a light and airy kind of impression.


    1. Patterns – How about you cut down the black and white tiles into cute shapes to make patterns? You can get as creative as you can or go with little diamonds, hexagons and squares which are tried and tested. You can either choose to make patterns of black and white combination or choose one for the floor and one for the wall.


    1. Mix and match – While the hexagons on your wall make an unremarkable honeycomb effect, arranging your black and white tiles with just squares or going monochrome can make your space look more glamorous. Choose a lighter shade and darker shade of black hexagon tiles and mix it with a white hexagon to make honeycomb patterns to turn your room into a bespoke work of art.


  1. Geometry in the hallways – If your house dons a spacious hallway, make sure to give it a dazzling look by incorporating geometric patterns in subtle ways. By running down a straight line of black tiles along the sides of the walls creating a thin border with the addition of black tile rectangles in the middle of the hallway, you can take the look of your space to the next level as it gives a bold contrast.

You should definitely consider black and white tiles if you want to makeover your house to look dapper and showcase your artsy mind. This combination is extremely versatile which can fit in any room and even outdoors for that matter. The advantage of having this monochrome combination is that it makes it easier for you to refurbish the rest of the house.

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