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November - 2018

Black Galaxy Granite Tiles – Everything You Need To Know

Black galaxy granite tiles, also known as star galaxy tiles, are known for their hardness, strength, durability, heat, and water resistance.

They are also believed to be the most exotic tiles used all over India for decorative purposes.

Want your house to have that ethereal touch to it? Go no further because black galaxy granite tiles brings just the right amount of balance that your house would need.

Where is it quarried?

Black galaxy granite tiles are processed and quarried in Ongole in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh India. 


Black has always been the color of sophistication. The gloss of the ebony slabs is one of the most alluring thing about these tiles. But more than that, its amenity is the white or gold flecks splattered on it like stars. Looking at them will remind you of a star-flecked night.

Shape and size:

Like any other tiles, they are rectangular in shape. But the quality of the tiles may vary from tile to tile depending on their thickness and sizes.

A new buyer may find himself in a bind when buying these tiles, as not everyone can differentiate between the quality of these tiles.

Choosing a good quality always comes down to the tiles’ durability.

Black galaxy granite price:

Price of these tiles depends on the quality of the tiles being bought. The higher the quality, the more you have to pay.

Black Galaxy granite uses:

Since these tiles comes in varying qualities, different tiles are used for making different things.

Kitchen countertops:

Black granite slabs are generally used for countertops. These Galaxy slabs are of high quality with 2 to 3mm thickness and of glossy finish.


Using Black galaxy granite slabs for stairs will certainly make you feel like you are going up the galaxy. The tiles used here are also 2 to 3mm thick with the same glossy finish.


Not many people use this for flooring purposes, but the finished look however is breathtaking. Of course, the size and thickness of the galaxy slabs, used for flooring varies depending on the area of the house.


Imagine a table with a slab hewn out of the finest granite on it, speckled with white or gold spots standing against the backdrop of your painted white kitchen. Delectable, isn’t it? This again requires the highest quality of Black Galaxy granite slab.

If you were planning to renovate your house or if you are looking for aesthetically pleasing interior for your home, black granite galaxy tiles should be in your list.

Vitero tiles have a wide range of exquisite tiles to offer, and that too at an affordable price so that you can make your dream home come to life.

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