choose the right colourful tiles to make your home look perfect

September - 2018

Get that perfect look for your home with Colourful Tiles

Picking the right tile for your home’s interior might seem a little daunting since you don’t know from where to start. Along with picking the right design, it is important to pick the right COLOUR of the tile. It is important to match the color of the furniture and the tile if you don’t want your home decor to be a complete mismatch. Since the color type and choices have evolved over time, it’s essential to choose the right colourful tiles for your space.

For e.g, if you see the color ‘Grey’ was not an ideal choice a couple of years back but today, it looks trendy.


Here are few tips to choose the perfect colourful tiles for your home:

  • The theme of the room:

It’s important to stick to a theme for a room. Irrespective of the theme you like, try and match it with the decor of your home. Depending on the theme you choose; modern, contemporary, minimalist, traditional you can always pick the color for your tiles.

  • Pick Lighter Colors:

The current colored tile trend for homeowners is mostly on the lighter side. That’s because, light colored tiles tend to make your room look spacious, giving the perfect clutter-free look to the house. The most preferred choices in the colored tiles include grey, cream, off-white, and beige that neutralizes your floor tiles with the rest of the interiors.

  • Size, Texture, and Pattern of the Tile:

Different rooms should have a different tile size. Picking large tiles for living rooms and smaller tiles for bedrooms and guest rooms creates a perfect harmony with the rest of your home decor. When it comes to your kitchen floor, the tiles should have a good grip and non-skid matte gloss surface to prevent slip and fall. Here, the most preferred option would be to go for double charged vitrified tiles that have the lowest friction.

  • Natural Light:

Tiles that have high gloss and finish are ideal for dark spaces as they reflect more light from your room. If you want your tiling to create a serene and relaxing ambiance, an emphasis must be given to the tiles that blend together.


Ultimately, it’s important to think long-term when it comes to picking the right color tile. In addition to this, it should also complement the rest of the decor of your house.

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