Give your floors a stunning makeover!

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Do you walk on a hopeless looking floor at home? A flooring that has faded, cracked and stained tiles. Worse, are they also chipped, warped, and have size and pattern variations in tiles?

Or perhaps you are putting off getting a new tile flooring done because of the cost and time factors involved. Whatever your reasons, maybe it is time to change your floor.

What you really require now is an inspiring idea that bring the beauty of the vitrified flooring back into your home. And you can do that without burning a hole in your card.

So get ready to give the eyesore that has been underfoot for so long a makeover it needs, at a cost you can afford. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can quickly and easily create brand-new flooring in under 2 days. Don’t believe us? Read on.

Bring beauty in and keep ugliness out

Get that ugly duckling flooring out of sight once and for all. You could remove your existing flooring or you could lay the new vitrified flooring on top of the old one. You can have the floor laid fast either way. 

The colorful vitrified collection we bring to the floor is inspired by nature to make any floor in your home look great, real fast. For best results though, our preference will be to recommend to have the old tiles removed and lay the new tiles on clean and level surfaces. 

Thanks to innovative printing technologies, it is now possible to give you patterns that closely resemble the real slices of nature, like petrified wood, gorgeous marble or hand-painted ceramic look — vitrified tiles have become more stylish than ever. 

High traffic floor tiles for homes

Vitrified tiles are made with high traffic density in mind and the tile surface is built to withstand the heaviest of loads and abuse. You can use these tiles to also beautify kitchen, bathrooms, balconies and laundry room floors. 

Originally designed for commercial spaces, these tiles bring their toughness home. They are brightly printed, and since they have a tough, weather resistant exterior fused over the design, you will have a flooring that is protected for life. And so easy to clean, you can make the flooring look like new, in a jiffy!

Preserving the natural look

You can bring that real Carrara marble flooring look you’ve been dreaming about, minus the cost of course. The awe inspiring marble veining, and patterns will keep you engaged as the lighting in the living room keeps shifting the colour it reflects. The flooring will take on multiple hues, constantly changing colour under different lighting conditions. 

Pamper your feet

When it comes to inexpensive and cheerful floor tiles for homes, nothing is quite as colorful and comfortable as vitrified floor tiles. ​​You’ll find them in a broad range of colors, patterns, and styles from faux wood to geometric patterns. From pure stylish white, to shades found in nature, the colour range is outstandingly inspiring!

You can really play around with these floor tiles. Creating patterns that resemble giant puzzle pieces even.​ Their simple design makes patterns that stay interesting and intriguing for a long time to come.

Need to cover a cold floor? Vitrified tiles will warm things up. Looking to soften the sound of stomping feet? These tiles also come in handy for damping annoying vibrations and noises.

Running your toes through something soft

Walking on hard floors can be brutal for sore feet. While carpet would make tired feet feel better, it will also increase your workload as you may have to vacuum the carpet at least twice every month. Avoid the drudge, avoid breathing tiny dust particles and flakes floating in the air. Be practical!

Hypoallergenic vitrified floor tiles are a boon to people with sensitivity to dust.

Instagram worthy flooring

You can stop looking at those beautiful home photos you click through on Instagram for inspiration. Now you too can make your flooring look amazing and remain stain free forever. Very simple really, just shift to Vitero vitrified tiles. Switch to the fungus resistant, hygienic, anti-skid vitrified tiles that are zero moisture absorbing, durable, and easy to maintain.

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