How To Choose The Right Floor Tiles Finish For Each Area Of Your Home

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Remodeling an interior space with a perfect set of floor tiles for each area of your house can become a cumbersome task if you miss out on the basic details about the role and benefits of each tile finish before making the ultimate choice. 

Let's begin with understanding the various types of tile finishes to determine which tile finishes suit various areas of a house.

Types of tile finishes:

1.    Glossy -

Glossy tiles are polished or glazed to perfection with an enduring sheen added on top of the tile's surface which makes it smooth and shiny. The glossy tile finish adds to the aesthetic appeal of an interior space and highlights particles, scratches or stains and other imperfections easily due to the enamel coating that reflects light making the room look bright and spacious. Hence, it is recommended for premium interiors and rooms with small area size and less natural lighting such as dining rooms, drawing rooms, entrances among others.

2.    High Glossy -

High glossy tiles are similar to marble finish tiles that wear additional layers of shine to create a marble effect. These silky finished tiles offer a mirror-like reflection of light giving your interior space a grandeur appeal. Being polished with hard grinding stone that enhances colours and grains of the tile design, the high glossy tiles add glam to the house due its rich surface colour that creates a stunning impression of your interior design. These are popularly chosen for living rooms, kitchen backsplashes and shower walls since they are easy to clean and maintain.

3.    Matt -

Matt finish tiles are highly durable and sturdy due to their anti-slippery properties in the absence of the enamel coating on the top layer of the surface. Matt finish floor tiles are mostly preferred  for indoor spaces with high-water usage such as kitchens and bathrooms since this tile finish has better friction and offers a contemporary look to the interiors.

4.    Sugar -

Sugar tiles consist of a grainy finish or a transparent-textured layer added to the final glaze of the tile surface. Being scratch-resistant, these tiles wear a suave appearance especially for parking spaces and balconies, adding a touch of sparkle to the gloss.

5.    Wood-Punch Matt -

Dwell into nature's beauty with the wood-punch matt finish tiles that create a classic appeal, identical to natural wood when laid on the floor. A special coating added to the top finish enhances the colours and grains of the tile design giving it a magnificent wooden vibe. These wood finish tiles can be used for almost any and every area of a house including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining halls as well as outdoor areas including balconies and entrances.

6.    Rustic -

The rustic finish gives your house a traditional and grandeur appearance as it strikes a balance between glossy and matt finish tiles, without compromising on the shine. You may choose this tile finish for adding a classic touch to your living rooms, outdoor spaces and even bathrooms.

7.    Baby Soft -

Baby soft tile finish wears a soft and fine coating on top of the tile surface that makes it a safe choice due to its non-skid properties. It is generally preferred for kids' playrooms, fitness and yoga halls or other areas of a house that demands you to constantly stand for a longer period.

Vitrified floor tiles are a durable and secure option for residential properties as they are easy-to-install and maintain when compared to traditional flooring materials such as wood or marble. 

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