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January - 2020

How to choose the right Wall Tiles

When we think of tiles, we often immediately think of floorings. Explore the potential of using wall tiles in your residential or commercial spaces to add a whole new dimension of style and aesthetics, with some impressive functional benefits as well.

Beautiful walls create strong visual impact and greatly enhance the look of a space because they’re constantly in the line-of-sight. Feel free to express yourself with an unlimited range of combinations between elegant and classic finishes like wood or marble and more contemporary and bold designs and textures. Give each indoor and outdoor space a unique character, and create stunning focal points where you please.

Here’s what you should consider while choosing the right wall tiles for your home or establishment:

Different spaces, different needs

Each space comes with its own set of requirements, with respect to both, style and functionality. Kitchens and bathrooms see a lot of water usage and are more prone to stains and smudges, which means they need tiles that are waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.  Keep these factors in mind while choosing kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles. For common areas like the living room, the focus should be more on the aesthetic element, while also giving importance to easy maintenance.

Keep the fade away

In comparison with Floor Tiles, the tiles on the wall are exposed to a lot more sunlight on a daily basis. It is important to choose tiles that are of high quality and promise great durability to ensure that they last for decades without fading or deteriorating. And they should be able to achieve this with minimal maintenance efforts from your end.

Have fun with the design possibilities

Thanks to digital tile printing, you have access to an almost unlimited range of designs and textures when it comes to tiles for your walls. Depending on the look you want to lend to a space, you can choose to stick with one singular design / theme or mix it up by combining different styles and patterns. A classic marble look, for example, can be combined with stunning geometric patterns to create an interesting and unique corner in your living room.

Create focal points that grab attention

Common areas, where guests are entertained, tend to be large in area and are the perfect spaces to create design focal points. A water feature in the lobby, for example, can be accentuated with complementary tiles to really make the space pop. Sit-outs on the terrace or lawn can be made more interesting with a bold tile design. Make intelligent use of the space available to you by integrating digital wall tiles into the design theme from the get go.

Wall tiles are a fun and playful way to accentuate the design of a space and lend it a sense of character.

With the widest range of colours, patterns, finishes and textures, high-quality Digital Wall Tiles from Vitero are the ideal choice to spruce up a space, whether it’s a new construction or a renovation project you have in mind. For good looks that last long and require almost no maintenance, you need not look.

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