Moroccan Tiles-Pros and Cons

December - 2018

Moroccan Tiles: The Pros and Cons of Moroccan-Style Tiles

Moroccan tiles have been as much a rave back in the medieval period as they are in the millennial today.

These finely patterned Moroccan tile designs are handmade and prepared with as many intricacies as one may think. A Moroccan tile is moulded twice before it is fired— once, to inlay its design, then, to fill the clay to give it body, and a contrasting appeal. The Moroccan tile makers are thoroughgoing in the pursuits of fabricating these tiles in a way that are versatile, and up to a public’s varying taste.


Although being in existence for over centuries, the Moroccan tiles are believed to be the ultimate go-to décor strategies to flip the entire look of a place over even today, be it your interiors or exteriors. The resumption of a Moroccan tile each time is trendier than the last. And since these Moroccan tiles come in stunning designs and colours, they can be installed in your homes in the most artistic ways, so to speak.


For all the beauty of Moroccan tile designs have to offer, these tiles have their cons, too. So, if you are planning on install tiles, you are going to need a pros and cons list to do your home right by selecting resilient tiles with longevity, without getting swayed by their mere designs.






These tiles are unbelievably affordable. Given their classy glazed appearance, people often think they’re too expensive for their taste. Well, they’re not. In fact, they’re cheap, and if bought from the right seller, you could get them at even lower prices.


Can be used anywhere and everywhere:


From your kitchen’s backsplash to your stair rises, these Moroccan tile designs are suitable for any given area in your house that’s in need of a little bit of a redo. It’s all about the way you bring them into use. Once your mural of a wall is up and ready after the installation of the Moroccan tiles, it’d be hard to put it past people, to not stop and marvel at the tiles’ graceful beauty.




Their rapt magnificence apart, these tiles have a sturdy built to ensure they sustain their longevity.





High maintenance:


While one would like to admire the picturesqueness of the Moroccan tile designs, these tiles can be slippery when installed in certain places. Especially bathrooms. One must also keep this major factor in account that they are not easy to maintain. These tiles come with huge responsibility, and need your constant attention for keeping them as is.


Susceptible to staining:


Moroccan tiles are susceptible to staining. If one is not careful around them, the spills can seriously stain the tiles. Not just that, they will start accruing a yellowish taint if not maintained from time to time.



Hard to install:


Albeit doable, installation of these tiles could be laborious and can consume a lot of your time when it’s you who is working the task. Getting a professional to aid the installation process of these Moroccan tiles can save you some time.


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