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When it comes to selecting the perfect floor tile, there are many factors to look at as the right floor tiles can last for generations.

Vitrified floor tiles, as against ceramic tiles, should be the first choice for floor tiles for home and have many advantages over ceramic tiles. Vitrified floor tiles are hardwearing, easily maintained, does not fade, comes in many designs and sizes and defines the overall look of the space.

Man-made & Environment Friendly :

Besides being beautiful, double charged vitrified tiles are strong, colourfast, and flame-resistant.  It doesn’t conduct heat or electricity, it’s hygienic, it won’t absorb odors or emit hazardous chemicals, it won’t bulge or contract in extreme temperatures, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Vitrified floor tiles not only comes with variety of designs and colours making it stylish but has a very smooth texture compared to ceramic tiles.

Let Colour Take Center Stage : 

Choosing the right colour and texture of the floor tiles will set the tone of a room.

Dark tiles add warmth but can also overwhelm the space if there is less space or have restricted light. Consider chocolate brown, navy, or burnt-coloured floor tiles in a large kitchen space.

To make a room look larger, choose lighter hues like cream and pastel floor tiles.
If you are a little unsure about choosing colours, consult our experts in helping you decide the best floor tiles for the space.

What Tile Size Should I Use?

The size of the floor tiles you choose can have as much of an effect on the appearance of your spaces as the design and finish.

Double charged Vitrified Tiles are strong in nature, hence they come in many sizes, from a smaller 600 x 600 mm to large slabs of 800 x 1200mm for you to choose the best floor tiles.

As Hygienic As It Is Beautiful :

Where other tiles fail, vitrified floor tiles succeed. The great thing about vitrified floor tiles is that it offers several benefits for long-term use. You don’t have to worry about water damaging your space as vitrified floor tiles resists mildew and mold growth on floor tiles.

Perfect For Outdoors, Indoors & Wet Areas :

Did you know that 45 percent of all accidents happen at home and that 95 percent of those accidents involve slipping and falling? Double charged vitrified tiles are weatherproof and antiskid making it the perfect choice for floor tiles for home indoors and outdoors.

Spacing To Influence The Look:

Once you’ve decided the type, colour, pattern, size, and layout of your floor tiles, it’s time to install them correctly to have the maximum impact. Spacing of the floor tiles can influence the overall appearance and hence it will be necessary to keep spacing in mind before you have them laid.

To minimize the grout lines, use a grout that matches your floor tiles to give a clean, cohesive look. Grout comes in a range of colours, allowing you to choose whether to dramatically contrast or peacefully complement your floor tiles.

Let your instinct be your guide:

Choosing the right floor tiles might seem complicated, with the combinations of texture, colour, pattern, size, layout, and spacing to consider. But by going through your choices step by step and thinking carefully about the look you want for your home; you can select the right vitrified floor tiles for your home.

VITERO team of highly trained staff can give you helpful hints and tips on which floor tiles to choose. Their assistance will be invaluable. A budget, a design and colour preference is all they need to recommend the best floor tiles.

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