Remodel your bathroom with glass tiles

September - 2018

How to remodel your bathroom with glass tiles

Glass tiles have found widespread prevalence in the home decor arena due to its high reflective and ornamental properties. They are comparatively cheaper as opposed to other flooring materials like granite and marble. Also, they bear significantly low maintenance cost. As glass tiles reflect surrounding light, it enhances the brightness of the place it’s installed in, making it an ideal use in bathrooms where light is often scarce. It’s available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and design and can be customized easily to all bathroom specifications.


As bathrooms are prone to moisture retention, glass tiles come across as an ideal choice. Being naturally glossy, cleaning a glass-tiled surface is never a hassle. Wiping it clean with a regular glass cleaner, makes it as good as new. They are also rust-proof, thus adding to the longevity of the installation.


Home decors are subject to individual liking and follow no preordained rules as to how a place needs to be revamped. However, specific measures adopted while installation can bring the best out of your glass-tiled bathroom.


Few tips to get the best Bathroom look with glass tiles


  1. Right Thinset: Thinset is an adhesive mortar used to attach tiles to concrete surfaces. Being transparent, glass tiles must be placed against a white background to bring out their true colors. Therefore, a white thinset is ideal for their installation. Thinset mortars are also available in shades of grey which creates an overall dark appeal when applied to glass tiles.


  1. Creating Shadows: Tiles are ideally fixed to smoothed mortar surfaces, but glass tiles can also be placed on uneven surfaces as the lingering trowel marks help induce a shadowy appeal. A subtly shaded shower wall is bound to add a distinct charm to your bathroom.


  1. Colored Tiles: Glass tiles are mostly clear, and their colored variants come with a coat of acrylic paint on their backs, giving them their apparent color. Tiles of several hues can be used together to create an attractive mosaic in your shower. Be it an intricately paved basin top or a vibrant accent wall – colored glass tiles add an aesthetic value.


  1. Using Darker Grout: Grout is a cement-based material used to fill the crevasses between adjacent tiles. It plays a significant role in completing the look of a tiled surface. Generally, matching color grout is used to accomplish the job, but darker grouts are also used at times for a distinct appearance.


Glass tiles, when used effectively, can bring about the most lavish transformations for your bathrooms. Double charged vitrified Tiles are specially polished with nanotechnology to add the extra shine and finish to further beautify the bathroom glass tiles.

So, there you have all the know-how. Keep in mind these simple practices when planning a renovation and build yourself tasteful decors.

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