Signs you need new Floor Tiles!

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How often do you make small changes and adjustments to the decor in your home? Rearranging furniture, adding a few artifacts, or bringing in a house plant for example. We do such minor redecorating from time to time, but tend to put off some things that actually make a huge impact on how your space looks, because we assume that they will take up a lot of time and money. One such example is re-tiling or changing your floor tiles

The flooring is something that gets attention only while the house is being constructed and then it is forgotten and neglected. When you take a step back and the house seems dull and old, it is often factors like old floorings that are causing this. No number of paintings and picture frames can liven up a space like a brand new flooring.

How to tell if you need new floor tiles

The overall dullness of a space is actually due to many small factors that pile up and take away from the beauty of it. These include chipped edges, cracked or warped tiles, and faded or worn out floor tiles. Sometimes, these deformities also pose a safety hazard, like the texture that gives anti-skid tiles their grip can fade over time, causing them to get slippery.

When redoing a flooring, you can either dismantle the old flooring and install a new one, or simply put up the new flooring on top of the old.

Some areas of a home see disproportionately more foot traffic than the other areas. Common areas such as the living room, or dining area, for example. Kitchens and bathrooms face the problem of too much exposure to water, while balconies and terraces see a lot of sunlight. This is why vitrified tiles are the popular choice among homeowners, thanks to their durability, strength and overall sturdiness. They are also incredibly easy to maintain and will continue looking great for years to come. Vitrified tiles also tolerate heat, sunlight, and water remarkably well.

Choose an aesthetic that reflects your style

While choosing floor tiles for homes, take the time to explore the wide range of designs, colours, textures and finishes that are available in the market today. You can go the rustic route with tiles that have a wood finish, or add a touch of opulence with rich marble finishes. Another favourite option is the classic and elegant spectrum of whites.

In recent years, a variety of textured tiles and tiles with geometric or nature-inspired patterns have also taken the market by storm. When you look at all of these options together, the multitude of designs you can come up with by mixing and matching these options is literally endless. So take the time to carefully consider all options, and create a design aesthetic that reflects your personal style.

Other relatively new options in vitrified tiles include anti-skid tiles and hypoallergenic tiles. Anti-skid tiles are especially great for homes with kids or elders, greatly reducing the risk of accidents. Hypoallergenic tiles are dust and pollution resistant, making them easy to clean and also best suited for people with dust allergies.

So put aside any apprehensions you might have about changing your flooring and reach out to the expert team at Vitero tiles. We will be happy to guide you through the entire process and help you achieve a stunning flooring that you and your family will love!

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