Tile Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

February - 2020

Tile Trends to watch out for in 2020!

Rapidly developing technologies are enabling better, more innovative products in the interior decor industry. From digitally glazed vitrified tiles that can take on any design, to tiles that require practically no maintenance – options for customers are getting wider, and maintaining spaces is getting easier. With more and more customers opting for wall tiles and floor tiles to adorn and beautify their residential and commercial spaces, it is an exciting time to take a look at what the market has to offer and explore the current tile trends that are changing the way people shape their spaces.

Innovative designs

In recent years, customers have become more involved and very particular about even the tiniest things when it comes to interior decor. They look at their homes and offices as spaces that represent who they are, and the best way to do this is through unique designs, textures and patterns.

Apart from new-age designs like geometric patterns and abstract art, what are popular among customers today, are tiles that perfectly mimic finishes like marble or wood – two traditional flooring favourites – without any of the maintenance hassle.

Marble finish GVT tiles have all the lustre and opulence of marble, and almost none of its shortcomings. Elegant pearly tones and intricate veining in the tiles perfectly replicate the splendour and class of marble. The bright, polished finish, and the natural look of the veins, evoke the exuberance of luxury. With vitrified tiles, unlike traditional marble floorings, there is minimal wastage, takes lesser time to install, are scratch-proof, and as a result, are very easy to maintain.

Wood finish GVT tiles offer the elegance and warmth of wood, without any of the maintenance hassle. Unlike natural timber, vitrified tiles are incredibly strong and durable, and easy to maintain, since they won’t rot or warp even in extreme weather conditions.

Customers who are looking for a more glossy finish, are opting for PGVT (Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles).

Flexible sizes

With a multitude of different spaces of all shapes and sizes cropping up, customers have varied requirements when it comes to looks and functionality. With the strong and durable tiles available today, people are opting for larger tile sizes without the fear of cracked edges and other deformities. Vitrified Tiles come in multiple dimensions, which makes it easier to customize the look of a space. Big spaces like malls or airports often opt for tiles of a larger dimension to achieve a more seamless, elegant look.

Textured tiles

Another growing trend is the adoption of textured tiles – like stone or wood. These tiles replicate the texture of the finish they are supposed to represent. For example, a tile that is supposed to look like granite will also have the texture of natural granite, thus completing the aesthetic in every sense. Textures also have functional uses – such as anti-skid tiles, that offer extra grip on the surface. This can be done either by adding texture, or a matt glaze to the tiles. These tiles are used in areas that see a lot of water usage, like bathrooms, kitchens or balconies. They also keep kids and the elderly safe from slipping.

Infact, the adoption of anti-skid tiles is also at a high as people see the benefit of added safety that these tiles provide.

Wall tiles

While tiles were once only used as flooring options, they have recently emerged as a popular choice for decorating the walls of any space, by adding an element of design and depth. A growing trend is the adoption of wall tiles to enhance the look of a space.

Wall tiles help create focal points in a space, and lend a strong visual impact – mainly because they’re always in the line-of-sight. Make each space unique, with a virtually unlimited range of combinations between classic finishes like wood or marble and more contemporary designs and textures. Wall tiles help give every indoor and outdoor space a unique character.

Whether it’s wall tiles or floor tiles you’re looking for, you always want to have the option of matching them as closely as possible with the other elements of your interiors, like wall paint or furniture. Customers are also going beyond traditional colour palettes and exploring contrasting colour themes, patterns, and textures to make a space truly their own.

For all your tiling needs, consider Vitero tiles for their superior quality, high durability, and the wide range of designs, finishes and textures on offer.

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