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10 Outdoor Tile Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

You must have had different ideas to transform your outdoor living space. You must have thought of few designs as well. The outdoor living space is as important as the indoor living space. It’s healthy, fun & beautiful! Transforming your outdoor living space with tiles sets the tone & elevates your space. Here are few tile trends for 2018 to keep an eye on:

  1. Wood Wonder

Wood is one of the major muses of the tile industry. Companies constantly come up with new ideas and production methods to create a new type of finish. The choice here lies with you. You can choose exotic woods that offer a sustainable alternative to rare woods or you can step into nostalgia and recreate the warmth and imperfections of wood in varied patterns.

  1. Terrific Textures

This year’s tile trend includes using new textures for better looks & durability. Designs are varied, ranging from lace, macramé, linen and madras to masculine suiting fabrics, leather, tweed and tartan. Whether woven, knitted, knotted, or layered, the designs make the tiles special and add another tactile element to the hard surface.

  1. Mosaics

Companies nowadays are introducing varied collections of fragmented pieces which can be put together, creating an eclectic and wonderful visual. The designs are usually inspired by a natural stone while others convey a sense of pieced-together art such as Venetian terrazzo and irregular stone mosaics.

  1. Be Black & Blue

Kitchen. Bath. Outdoor. Black matte finishes are the new trend this year in home design. Even the colour blue is taking the tile industry by storm. This year it goes beyond marine palette to include dusty, vibrant, and sophisticated hues of blue.

  1. Gritty Chic

Tile companies don’t stop to experiment. Be it plaster, concrete, metal or resin, the experiment continues! The designs are either elegant, sophisticated matching the industrial style or intentionally corroded and weathered.

  1. Marvellous Marble

To avoid the headache of sourcing & installation, porcelain tiles with a marble design have become popular. Porcelain tiles are stain, scratch and chemical resistant. They are low maintenance & low-cost alternative.

  1. Metallic

Metallics’ are also growing huge popularity which goes beyond product design and into the built environment. The tile company adds more metallic to the designs. Key colours are bronze, platinum and gold.

  1. Retro

Tile companies are infusing contemporary touch to the new and revived retro designs. Historical movements have influenced the trend, such as the art deco period, and have led designers to create elegant and bold patterns.

  1. Rustic

There’s a new twist to country style, wood, stone, brick and cotto are fused with modern hues and patterns to blend farmhouse charm with modern elegance. Companies are using antique stone with metallic accents, terracotta in quatrefoil shapes, and geometric patterns too!

  1. Superb Surfaces

Some tile companies are combining the tactile appeal of wallpaper with the durability of ceramic. By using thin porcelain tile panels and mesh-mounted mosaics to patterns, the tile companies are giving the tile trends a new turn.


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