What are the different types of floor tiles?

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When looking for flooring options for your home, surveying a tile showroom can turn into a baffling experience. Especially if you are a first-timer - choosing among different types of floor tiles for your space, given the vast variety in styles and designs of tiles can be quite an overwhelming task. 

We have listed down below some ideas and suggestions so that you can make a well-informed floor tiles decision. Our thoughts on the different types of floor tiles might come in handy to help you choose the best floor tiles for your space,  based on your needs.

The most common type

Ceramic tiles, made from heating clay at high temperatures, even glazed sometimes were once the most used flooring option. These tiles are highly durable and well suited for any section of your house. They offer a great price point and hence could be a good fit if you are looking for a light budgeted renovation. 

When selecting a ceramic tile, make sure to check its lot number to ensure a clean and uniform pick. Although commonly used, ceramic tiles can sometimes be hard on the feet and extremely cold in winters, sometimes prone to falling, making them hazardous to toddlers and elder residents. These tiles also require professional help and take quite a while for a finished installation.   

The old-school cement flooring 

Cement tiles have been used widely in the flooring market since the 19th century. These handmade tiles are versatile and are known for their interesting patterns and colors. However, cement tiles are extremely porous and can absorb liquids and moisture easily. They are also tough to install and need resealing every month, for better maintenance of their structure and look.

The artistic mosaic tile

Available in several varied types of colours, styles, shapes, sizes and materials, mosaic tiles suit perfectly where an accent is required. It would be smarter to use it skimpily and install it in a place of prestige because they can look dated quickly and are expensive.   

The clear glass tiles

Glass tiles are a great alternative to natural stones as their clear appearance offers a minimalistic and chic look. They are highly stain-resistant, great as a backsplash, and easy to clean. However, their structure is prone to less durability. The glass easily chips on the edges and hence cannot be used in heavy-duty areas like bathrooms or kitchens. 

The elegant marble

A natural marble tile brings an instant look of luxury and elegance. They look beautiful in larger areas like living rooms and bedrooms by giving the flooring a depth and texture through its veins and patterns. However, the installation and post-care of marble tiles could turn out to be heavy on the pocket. Further, they are easy to stain and scratch and are not sturdy enough for heavy-traffic areas or bathrooms and kitchens. 

A marble alternative

Granite is a natural stone and looks quite similar to marble due to its natural flecks. But this flooring option has been overused and hence seems to give out the idea that it is a low-cost alternative. They are ideally a choice for places where tile performance is not much needed and you can make do with low-cost tiles.

A rustic choice

A natural stone that comes in different shades, tones, and variations that add to the elegance of your sight, Limestone - is easy to shape and cut into desired patterns and placements. However, its porosity and less-sturdy structure requires extra-measures of maintenance, including sealing it manually, to prevent its cracking, making it difficult to clean and maintain.   

A classy finish

Travertine tiles come in shades like grey, tan, beige and more and offer a subdued and natural look. Its unique surface and neutral tones can produce an elegant, rich look. However, these tiles are easily affected by water, stains and scratches and also offer less traction and require extra sealing and maintenance.   

High on beauty and performance

Vitrified tiles are the tiles of the future! They offer an ideal combination of beauty, easy maintenance and high performance.

Vitrified tiles come in a wide variety of different types ranging from glazed vitrified tiles- that can be printed with stunning designs using digital printing technology, to double charged vitrified tiles-that are excellent for heavy-duty areas like commercial spaces and more.

These wall and floor tiles are sturdy in build, absorb less water, are resistant to dirt, dust, stains, and scratches, and require minimal maintenance. Suitable for all-weathers round the year, vitrified tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors while totally avoiding freezing, fading or cracking. Additionally, they are easy to install and become ready to use within a short-time after being laid. These advantages make them one of the best floor tile options among all other alternatives. 

Vitrified tiles by Vitero

Vitero brings you a range of high-quality vitrified floor and wall tiles that are made with advanced Italian technology and high-quality raw materials. Whether it be a glazed vitrified tile, digitally printed wall tiles, or a double charged vitrified tile, Vitero has a wide range of designs, colors, and styles for you to choose from. All Vitero tiles are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. 

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