Cleaning White Granite Flooring

December - 2018

How To Clean The White Granite Flooring

Granite stones are porous which makes them prone to staining easily, are high maintenance, and if not treated carefully are susceptible to chipping and cracks. The thought alone of having a stained, chipped, or cracked floor daunts the living daylight out of people who are planning on getting their homes a white granite flooring.

While other darker shade granites— black, blue, brown, etc are less porous and are stain resistant to some extent. It’s the white granite flooring you need to keep an eye out for. It would be a nightmare incarnate to one day wake up and see stains marring your beautiful white granite flooring, to have grime tainting the granite flooring stone, because, white granite flooring stones are more porous and absorb solvents quicker than the rest.


But, despite all the talks surrounding the stone, you got your home a granite flooring; a white granite flooring at that. Had you known that maintaining granite flooring would come with this many pitfalls, you wouldn’t have installed them in the first place; even after doing tons of research on granite flooring, and finding out how laborious a work it would be to keep the lustre of granite flooring intact.


Dreading all the hard work that will go into keeping the granite flooring perpetually frozen in time, people avert their eyes from getting these granite flooring tiles installed for this sole reason. But, should you hold back from giving your house that glamorous look because these white granite flooring are not stain resistant, or are high maintenance? Absolutely not. Sure keeping them anew would be hassle, but if done correctly you wouldn’t have to break your head over coming up with ways to keep your granite floors stain free.

Here are a few steps to follow to keep your white granite flooring encased in eternal good condition.


Clean immediately:

Whenever a solvent is spilled onto the white granite flooring, make sure you’re quick to react and clean up all of the spill immediately. A meteoric action will save your tiles from soaking up the solvents, and remaining stain free.


Blotting and dabbing:

The best course of action when cleaning a spill on the granite flooring is to dab the spill away. Do not wipe on the stone, as it may leave scratches. Always resort to blotting or dabbing when it comes to cleaning the floor tiles.


Use sponge:

Use a sponge for cleaning the white granite floors instead of cloths, as the pores in the sponge quickly absorbs the solvents when compared to a washing cloth.


Using appropriate cleansers:

Not all cleansers are ideal for cleaning the granite flooring. Different stones have different tendencies of putting up with chemicals. So choosing an pH balance cleanser, would ensure lasting luster of your house’s white granite flooring.

If you do use a suitable cleanser for your floor, using it regularly will render your floor’s shine nonetheless. Use warm distilled water to clean the floor if it’s not too dirty. Only occasionally should you use any cleansers on your granite flooring.




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