Why choose Vitero floor and wall tiles 

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With over 30 years of experience in building materials and a reputation in the construction industry like no other, Vitero by Aparna Enterprises Limited, is one of the India’s leading tile manufacturers, dedicated to delivering nothing but the best. 

Employing world-class technology, and using only the highest quality raw materials, Vitero produces some of India’s most trusted, reliable and durable floor and wall tiles for both residential and commercial purposes. Our stringent quality control checks and strict internal policies help us manufacture products that match international standards. 

Inside the technology at Vitero 

Our 1 million sq. ft highly advanced production facility in Kakinada, AP manufactures over 15,000 square meters of premium quality floor and wall tiles per day. With the help of cutting edge Italian technology and high-end precision, we deliver products with unmatched quality and consistency even in great volumes. A proud home to the largest gas-fired kiln in South India, measuring 265 metres, at Vitero, we invest in the latest technology to maximize our production capabilities. 

Advanced nano-polishing 
Our state-of-the-art nano-polishing unit ensures the best sheen, durability and surface consistency for all our vitrified tiles. Additionally, to assure the use of the best quality raw materials, 60% of all materials we use in the tile manufacturing process, including clay and feldspar are made in-house. 

Stringent quality control 
Vitero extends immense commitment to quality control, which is enforced by the use of a statistical process control (SPC) for each step of the manufacturing process, and by working constantly with our raw material suppliers to make sure that all specifications are up to the mark before the material is being used. Further, multiple quality checks are carried out at every stage of the process to ensure that certain parameters related to physical and chemical properties are met.

A tile for every space
Different spaces have different functional and visual needs, and hence it is essential to keep this in mind while designing tiles. Areas with water usage like bathrooms and kitchens need tiles with anti-skid properties and also require to be resistant to stains. 

Similarly, retail and industrial spaces need commercial tiles that can withstand heavy foot traffic and show increased durability. Wall tiles on the other hand are used for a more aesthetic purpose and are hence printed with attractive colours and designs using digital printing technology. 

Wide range of designs 
Vitero offers the widest range of floor and wall tiles that come in different types, sizes and finishes. For living room floor tiles and bedroom tiles, you can choose from Glazed vitrified tiles or polished glazed vitrified tiles, whereas for outdoor and commercial spaces you can pick either full body vitrified tiles or double charged vitrified tiles that are superior in thickness and durability. 

For kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, we manufacture anti-skid digital floor and wall tiles in an extensive variety of prints, colours and designs. In terms of finishes, we offer polished/glossy, matt, sugar and many others that you can select from based on your personal preferences. 

No matter what type, Vitero tiles offer a stunning visual appeal with high performance and easy maintenance that look as good as new for years without fading or chipping. 

Esteemed certifications 
At Vitero, we are committed to the conservation of the environment and believe in reducing our carbon-footprint wherever possible. Our value for sustainable development is reflected in our ISO-14001 Certificate for environment-friendly manufacturing processes. Additionally, as represented by the OHSAS-18001 certificate, the safety and good health of all our employees is always one of our prime concerns. With respect to quality management,  we are also awarded with the ISO-9001 certificate.

Wide dealership network 
Thanks to our years of expertise and high-skilled specialized teams that are dedicated to deliver unmatched service round the year, we are rapidly spreading our supply chain across the globe, with a special devoted team for international sales, currently serving countries like Vietnam and Taiwan to name a few. 

Our belief in working tirelessly towards our client requirements and passion for innovation in new technologies, products and designs, helps us maintain our position among one of the most trusted tile manufacturers in the country. 

Be it living room or kitchen tiles, wall tiles or commercial tiles, at Vitero, be assured to get only the highest quality, stain-resistant, strong and durable tiles that will retain their sheen for years to come even with the most minimal maintenance. 

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