Why investing in high quality tiles is worth the price

April - 2020

Why investing in high quality Tiles is worth the price!

NOTHING ELSE SHOULD. Quality & beauty decide the price the tile is sold at. Most people however plunge head along into buying the wrong kind of tiles. Worse part is, their decision costs money, time and repentance for the haste. This is what makes investing in high quality tiles worth the price.

So really, what should you look for when buying a tile for your home or a project? Especially, when it comes to choosing a vitrified one, because they surpass everything else, and are the best available on the market.

Some of the best vitrified tiles give you more than the quality you expect, and the beauty that never diminishes your enjoyment. These tiles also save you time and money. Yes, you heard us right, savings that add up over the entire product lifecycle. Larger the surface area you want to cover, the larger will be your saving.

All vitrified wall and floor tiles are surface protected to repel stains, scratches and dirt. Which means, they are easy to clean and look like new for years to come. Tile surface maintenance was never made so easy.

The best vitirified tiles last for generations. (Remember, it was the Greeks & Romans who first used tiles in their homes, and some of the murals and floorings you find in the ruins of ancient cities, the tile has remained impeccably blemish-free and intact, and look great even after thousands of years, if not longer.)

So what else should you be looking for in the best floor tile in the market? How about colour consistency, from batch to batch? So that your flooring won’t end up looking like patch-worked quilts. Each of our wall and floor tile comes in the shade that is exactly like the one next to it! So you have the best floor tiles for the money you invest.

So finally we come to the final question, why is it that only we can get it so right every time? Technology and quality of course, and our capability to stick to your schedule, not ours. Deliver on-time, no matter the size of your order.

All our tiles are made on the best Italian tile making machines which are known for their precision and efficiency.

Today we make more than 15,000 sq mtrs of Double Charged Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Digital Wall Tiles per day, and offer a whole range of designs and colours to choose from. Create and express a statement of your taste and style, not only the flooring but also the walls of living spaces. Indoors and outdoors. Balconies and walkways and around swimming pools.

Now go ahead, make an informed decision without the fear of getting it wrong. Just like the pros who make the right ones, all the time! 

There is no tile like the Vitero tile. That’s a Vitero promise.

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