Glazed Vitrified Wall Tiles


We use world-class technology and the highest quality ceramic tiles to bring you a stunning range of digital glazed vitrified wall tiles. Wall tiles can be used in any space to create an attractive feature. Digital designs are printed on the glaze coating, which allows us to create an exquisite range of tile designs. All our high-quality glazed vitrified tiles are stain-proof, scratch-proof and abrasion-resistant. Available in a range of colours, textures and finishes, you can use these GVT tiles to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Few materials inspire creativity like tiles do. Glazed vitrified wall tiles are available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. Amongst the oldest form of decorative art, what you can do with glazed vitrified wall tiles, is limited only by your imagination. Ideas abound, and the choice is simply incredible. Surpass anything you may have seen or done with wall tile décor.

All Glazed vitrified wall tiles come in uniform sizes and thicknesses. Easy to handle, easier to lay, and set quickly.

Finally, Glazed vitrified wall tiles prevent the build-up of bacteria and fungi. Glazed vitrified wall tiles are readily available. Helping create durable surfaces and finishes to both interior and exterior spaces like never before.