January - 2018

Inauguration of the Vitero plant by Nara Lokesh, IT Minister, Andhra Pradesh

Aparna Enterprises, part of the diversified Aparna Group, has commissioned a Rs. 320-crore Vitero Tile manufacturing factory in Peddapuram, near the port city of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The Group is in expansion mode and plans additional investments of Rs.1,500 crore to set up new tile factories in Rayalaseema and other regions. Nara Lokesh, AP IT Minister, inaugurated the plant.


Ashwin Reddy, Managing Director of Aparna Enterprises, said, “The demand for higher quality of life is growing. The advanced tile factory will meet the demand for high quality vitrified tiles.” The Vitero Tile Factory is a significant milestone for Aparna Group, as it will help expanding the company’s footprint in South India and across the country.


S Aparna Reddy, Director of Aparna Enterprises, said, “The 9,75,000 Sft Vitero Tile Factory is the first tile production facility of its kind in South India. It boasts of a gas-fired kiln of a length of 265 m, and has the capacity to produce 15,000 sq m per day (5.47 million sq. meters per annum).”


The Rs. 320-crore Vitero Tile Factory is one of the most advanced and competitive in the region and will create value for the group, its customers and the state, Aparna Reddy said. The new plant brings to India the very latest in tile production and nano-polishing technology.


Aparna Enterprises is already the largest tile distributor in South India, and will now produce and supply double-charged vitrified tiles to the market. With 4,000 employees, Aparna Group logged revenues exceeding Rs. 1,500 crore in 2016-17. The Indian vitrified tile market is expected to see a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25 per cent between 2017-2022.

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