The latest design trends for interior tiling

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The tiles industry has gone through an evolution in itself, and today tiles have become vital elements to provide personality to your home. How does one make the right choice out of the multiple types, colours, textures, patterns, and material one offers?

Over the last few years, consumers have increasingly gone bold with their tiles choices and often opted for heavy optimization and personalization while choosing tiles for their homes. In 2021, we are going to see a whole new revolution, especially with styles, patterns, shapes, design and even textures in the tiling industry. Here are some trends which will be dominant this year:

Cool shades for a cool mind

With the COVID pandemic forcing us to spend more time inside our homes, it has become important that we choose the right style, pattern and colour for our tiles. Specific colours and patterns can have an impact on our moods and help us ease our stress. Shades of green, blue or wooden are known to have a positive effect. Thus 2021 will see many going for shades of green and blue or opting for wooden pattern tiles.

The wall is your canvas

From plain standard coloured walls to using paints to create designs/art/patterns, our walls have seen it all. Looking for that perfect pattern must be the biggest challenge that anybody would have gone through while designing their space. But now, consumers are not just going with different colour schemes for their walls; they are actually using different types of wall tiles to create a unique look for their homes. Digital printing technology has enabled homeowners to go beyond the basics and develop stand-out highlights for their walls, using aesthetic wall tiles.

The bathroom needs impeccable tiling

Over the years, more homeowners have acknowledged the importance of bathrooms as a space that requires deep thinking. Gone are the days when one would go with anything basic for their bathrooms. Be it for compact or large areas, today's consumers are experimenting with patterns and colours to modernize this space. While styling the bathroom apart from personalization, it is also important to ensure that the tiles are anti-skid, water-resistant, moisture-free, and premium quality.

Judging by the cover

As much as we promote inner beauty when it comes to our homes, aesthetics take centre-stage in the process of selecting the right tiles. We want our space to look the best and resonate with our personality. Not just the interiors, we also prefer the exterior walls, especially those of the entryway, to have a charm as well, as this is the first aspect of the house that visitors stumble upon. Today homeowners are more vigilant while choosing the material for their exterior walls and floors. It should resonate with the style that you have chosen inside while also being practical and long-lasting. Wood pattern is an ideal option to consider as it gives an elegant look to the whole space. Pairing it with coloured/digital printed tiles for the exterior walls can make your exterior walls and floor pop out.

The finishing touch

Laying out the perfect design or pattern of tiles is not enough if the finishing is not right. It appears that these days, with technological advancements in digital printing, tile manufacturers can put different finishes on top of tiles. Though both matte and glossy finishes have been in demand, homeowners and designers are also experimenting with other finishes to give a different look and feel to space. Some of the glazing options that have been in demand are:

Sugar: A transparent texture finish is added to the final glaze to make the tiles scratch resistant compared to other tiles. This becomes an ideal option to consider for homes, especially in spaces frequently used and has most furniture.

Ultra gloss: It adds another layer of shine to the tile to create a mirror-like finish. It brings out the minute designs and patterns on the tile and will always create a fresh and new look.

Carving: Majorly used on wooden or natural stone tiles to resemble the wood plank or marble or stone more clearly.

Wood-punch matte: A special coating applied to enhance the colour and grains on the design. This makes the tile look like natural wood but without grains popping out.

So, with these options and design perspectives in mind, enjoy your home tiling this season!

This article was contributed by Av Mallikarjuna, Assistant Vice President -Sales and Marketing, Aparna Enterprises Limited

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