Vitero Tiles is a part of the Aparna Group, a leader in the construction industry with a proud history of valuable contribution since 1990. Our 1 million sq. ft. production facility near Kakinada has the longest gas fired kiln in south India (265 meters) and manufactures 15,000 square meters of Vitero tiles every day. Our state of the art manufacturing processes ensure that our tiles have unmatched uniformity in size and design. Much like every facet of the Aparna Group, Vitero Tiles ensures that each tile is crafted without compromise.



The world is moving fast and so are we! Vitero blends the world-class nanotech process with tiles and uses an advanced feeding system to manufacture the highest quality double charged vitrified tiles with a premium feel and toughness. Manufactured in state-of-the-art machinery with new generation technology that focuses on environmentally friendly processes, Vitero offers never before seen designs in the Indian Tile Industry with a wide array of sizes.



VITERO is manufactured using advanced feeding system, completed by a Nanotech coating to give the highest quality double charged vitrified tiles with a premium feel and toughness. The tiles are polished with a nano polishing machine that not only offers the best sheen but also promises consistency and long-time retention. The proven technologies are adapted into 900,000 Sqft facility at Peddapuram (near Kakinada) to manufacture 15,000 Sq mts of VITERO tiles per day with consistent quality and unparalleled uniformity in size/colour and design.



Aparna Group was incorporated in 1990. After its successful foray into construction and manufacturing, it now brings world-class vitrified tiles, double-charged with Nanotechnology to connoisseurs of good living. The quality of “VITERO” tiles is reinforced by the promoters’ passion, core values, and proven credentials.

The company entered trading in the initial days and went on to become South India’s largest trading company in 25 years. Aparna Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), started in 2006, has been an indispensable product among builders. Another division, AparnaVensteruPVC Windows, and Doors is today a market leader. “Okotech” from Aparna Group is a range of lead-free uPVC profiles for windows that are created with superior German manufacturing technology to be 100% eco-friendly. Aparna “Unispace”, offering uber luxury bathroom solutions is a leading brand in Spa segment. We invite you to connect with the leaders in Industry and scale new heights of luxury.



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