How do these various types of floorings compare? - Ceramic Tiles, Wooden Flooring, Vitrified Tiles

By admin / September 15, 2022

The quality of the elements that go into making a home are what separate an average home from a great home! Style, functionality, value, and longevity...

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Tile patterns to consider for holiday homes

By admin / July 31, 2022

A holiday home is a space that is meant to be a haven of calm for the whole family to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are also a b...

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Add a glossy touch of splendor to any space with the elegant range of Soir finish tiles

By / June 30, 2022

Every space deserves a splash of elegance and opulence to make it stand out and create a lasting impression. The exquisite range of Soir finish floor ...

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Why Georgia finish tiles are perfect for your kitchen tiles design

By admin / May 31, 2022

The kitchen is a sacred space in any home, as that is where the nourishment for the whole family originates. It is also one of the places in a home th...

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Create a cozy living room you will love forever with Dune Finish Wall & Floor Tiles

By admin / April 30, 2022

Your living room is a space for family and friends to get together, celebrate, or just relax. Warm, earthy colors can make any space feel more invitin...

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Give any space a stunning makeover with the rugged elegance of Atlas finish tiles

By / March 31, 2022

Glossy, yet rugged. Robust, yet elegant. These are the qualities that the Atlas range of double charged vitrified floor tiles embody. Ideal as living ...

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