What makes vitrified tiles so popular?

By Admin / November 30, 2020

Vitrified tiles have made quite a mark in the flooring market in the past decade as the most preferred flooring materials, earning a name above the pr...

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Marble vs Marble Finish GVT tiles

By Admin / November 15, 2020

Marble has for generations been known as the most elegant, classy, and yet simple type of flooring that most floor and tile manufacturers and homeowne...

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Mistakes to avoid while choosing floor tiles

By / October 31, 2020

Every flooring has a beautiful and unique character that sets the aesthetic of the place. This makes it extremely important that you choose floor tile...

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GVT tile designs that you can watch out for!

By Admin / October 15, 2020

The spaces we live and work in, represent us and reflect our style and choices in more ways than one. In recent years, people are becoming increasingl...

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Wooden flooring vs GVT tiles

By Admin / September 30, 2020

Today, with the advancement of technology and architectural design, one can reflect their own style in their decor, achieving almost any look they des...

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What are Full Body Vitrified Tiles?

By Admin / September 15, 2020

The right flooring can either make or break the look of a place. An ideal flooring should not only look pleasing to the eye but should also come with ...

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