• How Tile Size Can Influence the Perception of a Room

How Tile Size Can Influence the Perception of a Room

The tile sizes of your floor and wall tiles may significantly change the appearance of any room. Small rooms may be made to look rather expansive with the correct floor tile sizes, while huge rooms can be made to feel cosier. In this aspect, flooring tiles are extremely handy.

How large tiles make small spaces seem bigger

Since larger tiles occupy more space, the room will appear much more open since other elements, such as your furniture and fixtures, will appear more dispersed. Because they draw attention to the vast size of the tiles and the area they cover, the grout lines between the tiles also contribute to the feeling of space.

Additionally, keep in mind that huge tile sizes should not be used in small rooms, such as bathrooms because there is not enough area for the large tiles to be arranged in such a manner as to provide the desired aesthetic impression in these rooms. So keep that in mind as you select the sizes of your floor tiles.

How small tiles make large spaces seem smaller

Sometimes, there are large spaces, which would otherwise appear barren or plain, that need to be made to appear cozier with the help of smaller tiles. This is when tile sizes of a smaller dimension can be used to make the furniture and fixtures appear bigger and closer to each other. Your interior designer would be the best person to take the call regarding the perfect size of tile for each space in your home. It is important to strike the right balance between the room size, the furniture and fixtures within, and the dimension of the tiles that are used there. So make sure you look beyond standard tile sizes based on the space and its needs.

While the size of the tiles is a major factor in altering the space perception of a room, here are some other factors that you must consider as well:

Tile colour

It is a common practice to paint walls and ceilings the same colour because that makes rooms appear larger and airier. This monochromatic approach to making a space appear bigger extends to tiles as well. If you want the room to appear larger, the floor tile or wall tile colour should ideally either be the same colour as the wall and ceiling or a similar colour that blends well into them. If you wish to make the room appear smaller, choose floor or wall tiles that are in contrast to the colour of your walls and ceiling. The design of the tiles is also a factor in the perception of installing the tiles, there are various wall tiles designs, and floor tile designs available.

The simple rule is that lighter shades are better for making small rooms appear bigger, and darker or brighter colours are handier in making larger rooms appear smaller. This is why most bathrooms commonly feature shades of white and beige.

Tile layout

Another factor to consider while picking your tiles, apart from tile sizes, is the way that they will be laid out. In rooms that are narrow, it is advisable to create horizontal lines which make the room seem visually wider. For rooms that have low heights, lay out the tiles to create vertical lines, which will visually make the ceiling appear higher. Tiles are an easy way to create these simple yet effective optical illusions.

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