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Why Vitero

If you’re looking to work with a highly driven team, with a robust pan-India presence, Vitero Tiles is the right fit for you. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that we only deliver the highest quality of products. Our ever-expanding sales network is backed by excellent customer service, which keeps our clients happy and satisfied. Check out the list below for jobs you might be interested in.

Life at Vitero

At Vitero, we believe that the environment we create shapes the company and the people within, and that the company can grow as a whole only when it’s members get the opportunity to grow as individuals.

From the get-go, we provide extensive training and learning programs where required so that our new employees feel comfortable and confident in their roles. Our policies and practices are geared towards enabling personal career growth as much as they focus on the growth of the company as an entity.

We always strive to provide a balanced work environment, where several employee engagement activities like sports, festivals, and other events that foster team and morale building are undertaken with the same enthusiasm as business related programs.

We believe in creating leaders & visionaries, and thus maintain an organizational structure that doesn’t hesitate to provide opportunities to employees to shoulder responsibility where we see fit. Working with Vitero is an opportunity you will cherish forever.

Job Openings

# Designation Experience Location Department No. of Openings JD Action
1 Manager-BD 10 - 12 years AP/TS Sales 2
2 Designer 2 years Hyderabad Product Development 1

Job Description: "Designer"

The Designers for the Vitero-tiles division is responsible for leading and managing the Designs, developing and implementing Designs as per strategies, and driving business growth within the division. This role requires a deep understanding of the Design software, modifications and creation of new designs, strong thinking skills, and creative idea for implementing new designs.

Key Resresponsibilities
1. Managing all category designs of the Tiles Division and different surfaces of tiles.
2. In-depth knowledge of product design, and development from design file creations, Modifications, color corrections, and sampling to the final product.
3. Identify issues, analyze information, and provide solutions to problems.
4. Maintain optimum levels of communication with the project team, production team, and QC team to effectively and efficiently complete projects on time.
5. Collaborate with the marketing team to create effective designs as per requirements from customers.
6. Manage assigned work to complete projects and new design development to work fast & smoothly.
7. Provide regular Design reports to senior management and make recommendations for improvements
8. Attend industry events and conferences to network and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Work Experience and Skills
1. Ability to think out of box design concepts.
2. Excellent leadership and management skills
3. Strong communication, and interpersonal skills
4. Ability to analyze market trends and develop effective design and new product development strategies
5. Proficiency in Photo shop, Graphic designs (tiles or related).
6. Willingness to travel as required

Education and Qualification
1. Bachelor's degree in a related field

AEL or Group Companies

Position and Position Code
Permanent / Contractua

Anywhere the Function Exists - PAN India