Double Charged Vitrified Tiles

Our range of double charge vitrified tiles are manufactured using the most advanced technology from Italy, and made using extremely pure clays and minerals. Our range includes floor tiles that can be used in a variety of applications and styles. Choose from matt or glossy finishes, across floor tiles, to create uniquely aesthetic designs and patterns that complement your personal style. All our double charge tiles are sealed using Nano Polishing Technology to make the tiles totally non-porous.

Double charged vitrified tiles are 3mm to 4mm thicker than normal vitrified tile, making them strong, incredibly durable, stain-proof, easy to maintain and extremely cost-effective investment in the long run.

Double charged vitrified tile is a fine example of having highly polished living room and bedroom floor tiles because of their elegant aesthetics and the ability to reflect the natural light that filters into these areas, making the spaces look and feel bigger.

Vitero is fast becoming a preferred choice and is setting a very popular interior décor trend with home owners and architects alike as they easily complement the rest of the property’s interior.

Frequently asked questions

What are double charged vitrified tiles?

Double charged vitrified tiles are made by fusing two layers of pigment, and are usually thicker than normal tiles. This makes them extremely durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to dirt and dust. They are also scratch and stain resistant. These tiles are ideal for heavy duty use. Double charged vitrified tiles are available in a range of different designs to produce widely varying effects — all suitable as a decorative finish or an accent tile.

What are the advantages of double charged vitrified tiles?

When compared to marble and granite, Double charged vitrified tiles are very durable. They are consistent in sizes, shades and thickness, unlike the variable sizes and shades you tend to get when you opt for natural materials. Direct exposure to sunlight will neither alter the colour of the tiles nor cause them to fade. They are also extremely durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to dirt and dust. They are also scratch and stain resistant.

What is the difference between ceramic and vitrified tiles?

Ceramic tiles are made using earthen clay while vitrified tiles contain a mixture of materials like silica, clay, quartz and feldspar. The process of vitrification makes vitrified tiles stronger than ceramic tiles. Since vitrified tiles are composed of a mixture of various materials, baking at high temperatures fuses them together to make them more durable and resistant. Vitrified tiles also absorb very little water when compared to ceramic tiles, and are also more scratch and stain resistant than ceramic tiles.

What is the difference between vitrified, double charged and digital floor tiles?

Vitrified tiles are made from clay by the dust pressing method, which results in tiles that are dense, impervious, fine-grained and smooth, with a sharply formed face. Double charged vitrified tiles are a type of vitrified tiles that are made by fusing two layers of pigment, and are usually thicker than normal tiles, making them more durable and ideal for commercial use. Digital floor tiles are vitrified tiles that have various designs, patterns, and finishes printed on them through digital printing technology.

Which vitrified tile is stronger and durable between double charged and Glazed vitrified tiles?

Purely in terms of durability, double charged vitrified tiles come out on top because they are made with a double layer of pigment, and are thicker than compared to other tiles. This process does not allow complex designs but results in a strong and robust tile surface, suitable for heavy foot traffic and heavy duty commercial use. Glazed vitrified tiles are more suited for residential use, and can be digitally printed with a variety of designs, patterns, and finishes.

How do I check authenticity of double charge vitrified tiles?

You can check the authenticity of good quality double charged vitrified tiles by the following two methods:

Pouring water on the tiles: If the tiles have been properly coated, the water will form droplets and roll off the surface. Use a permanent marker: Make a mark on the surface of the tile with a permanent marker. Rinse it a few seconds later. If the stain is cleaned without much effort it is a sign of a genuine double charged vitrified tile.