Bedroom Tiles


Bedrooms are spaces that should reflect comfort and relaxation. Bedroom floor tiles go a long way in setting the tone of the space. The use of bedroom wall tiles further accentuates the aesthetic of the room. Choose between matt or glossy finishes and a wide range of patterns, colours and textures to better accentuate the most cozy space in your home.


Frequently asked questions

How do I choose floor tiles for my bedroom?

Bedrooms should reflect comfort and relaxation. A combination of floor tiles and wall tiles go a long way in accentuating the design aesthetic of the room. Choose between matt or glossy finishes and a wide range of patterns, designs and textures to create a cozy space. Colours like cream, grey, and brown are most suited for bedrooms.

Which Colour tiles is best for bedroom?

When it comes to choosing coloured tiles for your bedrooms, it is always advisable to lean towards calming and neutral colours that lend a sense of comfort and warmth to the space. Colours like cream, brown, grey, off-whites, and copper to name a few, are best suited for bedrooms. Avoid loud colours and designs here, they are better suited for spaces like living rooms and other entertaining areas.

What is the latest trend in flooring?

Some of the latest tile trends include:

Innovative designs
People now look at their homes and offices as spaces that represent who they are, through new-age designs like geometric patterns and abstract art, and also tiles that perfectly mimic finishes like marble or wood - two traditional flooring favourites.

Flexible sizes
Customers have varied requirements when it comes to looks and functionality. With the strong and durable tiles available today, people are opting for larger tile sizes without the fear of cracked edges and other deformities.

Textured tiles
Another growing trend is the adoption of textured tiles - like stone or wood. These tiles replicate the texture of the finish they are supposed to represent.

What is the best tile for bedrooms?

Glazed vitrified tiles and polished glazed vitrified tiles are most suited for use in bedrooms. With digital printing technology, you can even replicate the look of wood or marble without the hassles that come with maintaining those materials. A range of beautiful designs, patterns and colours can be printed on to the tiles to give your space a beautiful upgrade. You can also use tiles with a matt finish if you want a more subdued look.