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About Vitero

Vitero, one of India’s leading tile manufacturers, brings you an extensive range of floor and wall tiles that are unmatched in quality, durability and visual splendor. Our extensive range of glazed vitrified tiles, double charged vitrified tiles, digital wall tiles and full-body tiles are sure to please the most discerning buyers, in terms of both, design and functionality. Whether you’re looking for tiles for your home or commercial establishment, you get a product that has unmatched sheen & gloss, and remains beautiful & elegant for years, with minimal maintenance.

Know Your Tiles

Choosing the right tiles that suit your specific requirements and unique style might seem like a daunting task - especially with the multitude of options that are available in terms of colours, finishes, sizes, textures, patterns and more. It is therefore helpful to learn about the various types of floor and wall tiles that are available, and where each type differs in factors like thickness, durability, and functionality. We have come up with a helpful guide to get you acquainted with the world of Vitero Tiles, and to give you all the information you might need to make an informed decision.

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