Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Our range of beautiful full body vitrified tiles are perfect for spaces with high foot traffic, like commercial buildings and public places. These full body vitrified tiles have a uniform colour throughout and are extremely scratch and tear resistant. Full body vitrified tiles have a thickness of 15mm, and are therefore much more suited for places with heavy foot traffic than regular tiles that have a thickness of 3mm to 4mm.

As full-body vitrified tiles, include the tile colour or pattern throughout the entire thickness of the tile, no matter how thick they are. These tiles can easily hide any wear or damage. And to ensure further protection to your full-body vitrified tile flooring, all you have to do is to apply a sealer on the grout lines. They wear well and last long.

Full body vitrified tiles offer a vibrant, varied range of home flooring tile solutions designed to solve all kinds of day-to-day tile dilemmas. For example, it’s easier to find the ideal choice for a kitchen or bathroom flooring solution with a trendy aesthetic as well as the practical properties. Vitero delivers on the style and safety fronts all at once.


Frequently asked questions

What is a full body vitrified tile?

Full body vitrified tiles are thicker, and more durable than regular tiles. They are built to bear the brunt of heavy foot traffic and years of wear and tear, which makes them ideal for commercial and industrial use. They are built to withstand heavy loads and are resistant to acid, chemical, water, and stains. They also have an anti-skid feature which greatly reduces the chance of accidents.

What is the difference between full body vitrified tiles vs double charge vitrified tiles?

While double charged vitrified tiles and full body vitrified tiles are both stronger and more durable than regular tiles, full body vitrified tiles are more suited for commercial and industrial use, because they come with an added pigment in the entire body of the tile which makes cracks or scratches barely visible. This process adds to the cost of the tile and that is why they are rarely used for residential purposes. Double charged vitrified tiles are strong and durable enough for the most extreme domestic purposes.

What are advantages of full body tiles?

Full body vitrified tiles are much thicker than regular tiles and are widely known for their heavy build which makes them ideal for industrial places with a high footfall. They are highly abrasion resistant and provide an anti-stain, skid-free surface.

What is the difference between glazed and full-body tiles?

Full body vitrified tiles are thicker than a glazed vitrified tile while glazed vitrified tiles are more glossy and 'glazed'. Moreover, the subtle damages on the full body tile floors are much less visible than on a glazed vitrified floor which makes Full body vitrified tiles an ideal choice for heavy foot traffic zones.