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Elevate the durability and aesthetic appeal of high-traffic spaces with our exquisite collection of full body vitrified tiles. Engineered to withstand the rigours of commercial buildings and public places, these tiles stand as a testament to both resilience and timeless design.

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Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Matt, 600 x 600 mm

Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Why Choose Full Body Vitrified Tiles:

Unlike conventional tiles, our full body vitrified tiles boast a uniform colour throughout, providing a seamless and consistent appearance. The 15mm thickness of these tiles sets them apart, making them a superior choice for areas with heavy foot traffic, significantly surpassing that of regular tiles, which typically range from 3mm to 4mm. The increased thickness not only enhances the robustness but also ensures a longer lifespan, making them ideal for spaces that demand enduring strength.

Scratch and tear-resistance are inherent qualities of our full body vitrified tiles, making them an ideal solution for areas prone to constant wear and tear. The tiles offer not just a surface-level defence but a comprehensive shield against daily challenges, ensuring they maintain their pristine appearance even in demanding environments.

As leading full body vitrified tile manufacturers in India, we take pride in delivering a product that excels in both quality and design. The advantages of our full body vitrified tiles extend beyond their durability; they also encompass a wide range of design possibilities. From classic to contemporary, these tiles cater to diverse aesthetic preferences, offering versatility that complements any space.

Our competitive full body vitrified tiles’ price list ensures accessibility without compromising on quality. Transform your high-traffic spaces into showcases of enduring elegance with our full body vitrified tiles, where superior design meets unparalleled strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full-body vitrified tiles are versatile and commonly used for flooring in high-traffic areas such as commercial spaces, offices, and residential spaces. They are also suitable for outdoor applications due to their durability and resistance to wear.

Full-body vitrified tiles have a consistent colour and pattern throughout the entire thickness of the tile. This makes them particularly durable as any wear or damage is less visible.

The latest trends in full-body vitrified tiles include designs that mimic natural materials like marble or wood, large-format tiles for a seamless look, and textured finishes for added visual interest

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