• How to Choose the Right Tile Size for Your Flooring Project

How to Choose the Right Tile Size for Your Flooring Project

Similar to how an artist chooses the brush size before painting on a canvas, the size of the tile you select can completely change the look of a room. It has an impact that goes beyond simple functionality; it can enhance the ambience of the area, bringing your desired style to life in the most visually pleasing manner.

Starting a flooring project requires you to choose the best tile design; but choosing them in the right proportions is way more crucial as it can make or break your dream space.

Before finalising on the tiles, there are a few important factors you need to consider when it comes to picking the right tile size for your space.

  1. Room Size and Layout
  2. The dimensions and layout of the room play a crucial role in determining the best tile size for your flooring project.

    In a smaller room, large tiles can create an illusion of more space, providing a clean, unbroken surface that visually expands the area.


    On the other hand, small size tiles in a larger room can offer intricate designs and patterns, adding detail and character to the expansive space.


    It's essential to consider the proportions of the room; for narrow spaces like hallways, Vitero Tiles offers 198 mm x 1200 mm rectangular tiles that can visually widen the area.


    Additionally, in open-concept layouts, maintaining consistency in tile size can promote a sense of flow and continuity throughout the living space. Tailoring the tile size to your room's layout can transform its perception and contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics.

  3. Aesthetic Preferences
  4. Aesthetics are a pivotal aspect when it comes to choosing the best tile size. Your personal taste and the style you want to achieve in your space should guide this decision. For a contemporary, spacious look, Vitero Tiles has a wide range of large sizes that are preferred for a sleek and uncluttered appearance.


    If you're aiming for intricate designs and patterns, smaller tiles may be the go-to option, allowing for creative freedom and detailed aesthetics.



    Medium-sized tiles strike a balance, offering versatility that can complement various design styles, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.


    Ultimately, aligning the best tile size with your aesthetic vision will ensure that your flooring enhances the overall ambience of the room.

  5. Grout Lines
  6. Tile size affects the number and visibility of grout lines. Larger tiles typically have fewer grout lines, resulting in a more seamless appearance. Smaller tiles, on the other hand, entails more grout lines, which can impact the overall aesthetic.

  7. Maintenance and Cleaning
  8. Consider the ease of maintenance and cleaning associated with different tile sizes. Smaller tiles may require more frequent cleaning due to a higher grout-to-tile ratio, while larger tiles might be easier to clean and maintain. Vitero Tiles are crafted with Italian technology and top class manufacturing processes which makes them stain and scratch resistant as well as easy to maintain.

  9. Room Purpose and Traffic
  10. The purpose of the room and the expected traffic should influence your tile size choices. Busy spaces like kitchens and hallways might benefit from large sized glazed vitrified tiles for a more durable and easy-to-clean surface.

    Vitero offers varied types of vitrified tiles :

    • Double Charged Vitrified Tiles
    • Full Body Vitrified Tiles
    • Glazed Vitrified Tiles

    In terms of applications and features, each tile type is unique, Check out this blog to learn more about them https://viterotiles.com/blog/what-makes-vitrified-tiles-so-tenacious

    Vitero vitrified tiles come in a wide range of sizes, from small to large. Each size has its own advantages, depending on the intended use. Let's take a closer look at this.

  1. 1200 x 1800 mm, 800 x 1600 mm and 800 x 1200 mm:
  2. Benefits:

    • Creates an expansive and open appearance
    • Fewer grout lines for a seamless look
    • Suitable for large spaces

  3. 600 x 1200 mm and 800 x 800 mm & 600 x 600 mm:
  4. Benefits:

    • Suitable for a wide range of room sizes and styles
    • Balance between design options and ease of installation
    • A good compromise for both small and large spaces

  5. 300 x 600 mm and 600 x 600 mm:
  6. Benefits:

    • Intricate designs and patterns can be achieved
    • Ideal for small spaces or accent areas

Choosing the right tile size is a critical decision in any flooring project. Consider the room size, aesthetic preferences, maintenance needs, and room purpose to make an informed choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to selecting the perfect tile size that will enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your space. Vitero Tiles offers a wide selection of tile sizes, catering to diverse aesthetics and applications, fulfilling all your tiling requirements.

Check out our range of tile designs available in varied sizes for your tiling project www.viterotiles.com. Also check out our Visual Room and discover the most suitable flooring tiles with its AR functionality.