• Packing a Punch: Exploring Modern & Moisture-Resilient Bathroom Tiles from the Vitero Linea Punch Series

Packing a Punch: Exploring Modern & Moisture-Resilient Bathroom Tiles from the Vitero Linea Punch Series

Renewing a bathroom space is often seen as the most daunting task in the entire process of remodelling. Finding the right tiles that strike a balance between the aesthetics and the functions is overwhelming and can leave you with more decisions to make – not to mention the added requirement of top quality solutions that are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Here’s where Vitero Tiles comes into play! Our newly launched Gold Series is here to help ease the otherwise taxing job of retiling your bathroom with the Linea Punch range of tiles.

The Linea Punch series is a specially manufactured range that delivers both quality as well as look for a more aesthetically appealing bathroom. You can choose from the floor and wall tiling solutions that come in a plethora of sizes and finishes, and design a bathroom that is your private space without compromising on the finished product.

Linea Adrina Statuario

A modern bathroom requires the visual aesthetics to be on point. But what about the functionality? No bathroom is complete without anti-skid floor tiles or wall tiles that do not trap moisture making them lacklustre and prone to grout growth.

With the Linea Punch tiles, you can consider a myriad of combinations in colours and finishes while being assured of the solid quality assurance that will reset your personal comfort area and create a dream atmosphere.

Linea Royal Laurent Black

Keeping in mind your requirements, Vitero Tiles’ Linea Punch series takes care of all the factors such as low porosity, anti-skid properties, scratch and stain-resistant features to name a few. These tiles are durable and made to withstand frequent wear and tear, making them less cumbersome and affordable.

Linea Belleza Grey

It’s time to stop overthinking about the risks of remodelling your bathroom and get down to creating a space that explores design choices at their finest.

A hassle-free and creative experience, Vitero Tiles allows you to find the perfect tile for your space, no matter the metrics of quality and aesthetic measurements. Don’t shy away from having the most comfortable personal care space with a pleasant ambience; it’s a new experience every time, every day!