• Subtle Elegance For Your Walls - Cubo Finish Digital Wall Tiles

Subtle Elegance For Your Walls - Cubo Finish Digital Wall Tiles

The walls of spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas are often overlooked when it comes to decking them up with impressive designs. They don’t get the same attention that, say, your living room or bedroom walls receive. This is because these rooms tend to be smaller in size, and using dark colours or heavy patterns on their walls tend to make them look even smaller.

But this should not be a reason to deprive these walls of some style & character. Bathroom and kitchen walls also have to withstand regular and heavy water usage, which is why you need to choose tiles that are easy to maintain, stain-resistant, and anti-skid. They should also be highly durable and the design should not fade away after just a few years of use.

Cubo finish digital wall tiles are the answer

To create this perfect blend of design and functionality for your wall tiles, look no further than the Cubo finish range of digital wall tiles by Vitero Tiles. This range consists of 5 stylish designs with an elegant grey look. These grey tiles all have a matt finish, thereby offering more grip, and minimizing the chance of mishaps.

The Cubo range of digital wall tiles are all 300mm x 600mm in dimension, and made with cutting-edge Italian technology, which gives them an exceptionally long life. They are stain resistant, wear-resistant, highly durable and very versatile, while also being easy to maintain. These features make them the ideal choice for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor spaces, and even for decorative use in commercial spaces.

What are digital wall tiles?

Digital wall tiles are high-quality tiles that are specifically meant to be used on walls. Cutting-edge digital printing technology makes it possible to achieve a wide range of colours, patterns and designs to create beautiful tiles for every space. These digitally printed wall tiles are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces, and are manufactured using natural sand and heated in the kiln to high temperatures for maximum durability. Digital wall tiles come with attractive textures and designs printed on to them, allowing for an almost endless range of styles to match the design aesthetic of any space.

Why choose Vitero Tiles?

A part of the prestigious Aparna Group, which has over 30 years of experience in building materials, and a respected reputation in the construction industry, Vitero Tiles is one of the India’s leading tile manufacturers, employing world-class technology, and using only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that we deliver tiles of consistently high quality.

At our 1 million sq. ft advanced production facility in Kakinada, AP, we manufacture over 15,000 square meters of premium quality floor and wall tiles per day. We also boast of the largest gas-fired kiln in South India, measuring 265 metres. We regularly invest in cutting-edge technologies to maximize our production capabilities.

With stringent quality measures in place, and a passion to deliver only the best products to our clients, we offer one of the widest range of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing floor tiles and wall tiles with a wide variety of tile patterns and tile finishes in the Indian market.

Transform any space into a visual masterpiece with ease by choosing the tiles that reflect your unique style!