Bathroom Wall Tiles


As the area that is exposed to the most amount of water in a home, the bathroom requires tiles that are highly durable and functional. Explore our range of bathroom wall tiles that have extremely low water absorption and retention properties, making them safe and durable. Tiles with a matt finish offer a superior grip and reduce the chance of accidents. Choose the classic all-white look, or opt for a range of colours and patterns, or mix and match to create a unique style.

Frequently asked questions

What tiles are best fitted for bathroom walls?

Conditions and usage of a bathroom call for tiles which are stain and water resistant. Digital Wall tiles are stain and water resistant, anti-bacterial, and have anti-skid features making them the best fit for bathroom tiles idea. Moreover, tiles with matt and sugar finishes help add an extra layer to increase anti-slippery and anti-scratch properties to the tiles.

How can I clean bathroom tiles?

Scrub the dirt, grease and stains from the tile with some warm water, a clean cloth and a quality tile cleaner. Then wipe the tiles with a clean cloth and some warm water, repeat the process if needed.

What are the best colors of wall tiles for a bathroom?

Grey tone tiles accompanied by white walls is always a safe choice, because it will never go out of trend. White, cream and even light grey tiles give an airy perspective of the bathroom making it look bigger and more fashionable.

What is the cost of bathroom wall tiling?

The cost for bathroom wall tiling entirely depends on the the type and size of the tile, space requirements and other measurements, choice of design, colours and finish. Vitrified tiles are an affordable one-time investment that can give a splendid transformation to your floors and walls and require easy maintenance.

How can I choose floor and wall tiles for my bathroom, for a better look?

Larger tiles with plain colors are an ideal way to make your bathroom seem bigger. Colours such as beige, cream, whites and light shades of grey and blue are also a great choice for bathrooms as they create an airy and open feeling. Digitally printed wall tiles with intricate patterns and designs are also a good idea if you want to give your bathroom a bougee look.