• Beyond White: Exploring colourful Options for Bathroom Floors

Beyond White: Exploring colourful Options for Bathroom Floors

While designing bathrooms, flooring plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for the entire space. While white tiles have long been the go-to choice, there's a world of colourful possibilities waiting to transform your bathroom into a vibrant and stylish haven.

Let's deep dive into understanding creative options that go beyond white, unveiling a spectrum of hues that can elevate your bathroom floor from just functional to completely fabulous.

  • Shades of Grey:
  • Grey is a versatile and timeless colour that adds a touch of sophistication to bathroom floors. Ranging from soft dove grey to deep charcoal, this neutral palette compliments various design styles. Choose large tiles for a seamless and modern look or explore patterned grey tiles to infuse visual interest into the space.

    Linea Belleza Grey

    Earthy Warmth:

    Bring the warmth of the earth into your bathroom by embracing terracotta tones. These warm, reddish-brown hues create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Terracotta tiles, whether in traditional square or hexagonal shapes, add a rustic charm that pairs well with both contemporary and classic design elements.

    Linea Dune Cotto

    Playful Pastels:

    For a touch of whimsy and playfulness, consider pastel-coloured tiles to grace your bathroom floor. Soft pinks, mint greens, and powder blues can create a cheerful and uplifting ambiance. Experiment with geometric patterns or opt for mosaic tiles in pastel shades to add a delightful burst of colour.

    Linea Arena Crema

    Bold as Black:

    Introduce a sense of drama and modernity with statement black tiles. Black bathroom floors exude sophistication and create a sleek backdrop for other design elements. Matte finished black tiles add a touch of luxury and can be paired with various accent colours for a personalised look.

    Linea Cinna

    A Hint of Nature:

    Connect with the outdoors by incorporating shades of green into your bathroom floor. From soft sage to deep forest green, these hues evoke a sense of nature and tranquillity. Wood-look tiles, especially when combined with natural materials like wood or stone, create a harmonious and refreshing atmosphere.

    Linea Ambient Wood

    Linea Janus Brown

    When it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom floor, there’s a world of hues you can turn to beyond the quintessential white. The spectrum of colours allows you to express your personal style and create a bathroom that is a reflection of you. The key is to choose colours that resonate with you and contribute to the overall ambience of your bathroom sanctuary.

    Elevate your bathroom design by stepping into the world of colourful flooring options with Vitero Tiles, transforming your daily rituals into a vibrant and visually captivating experience.