• Why Georgia finish tiles are perfect for your kitchen tiles design

Why Georgia finish tiles are perfect for your kitchen tiles design

The kitchen is a sacred space in any home, as that is where the nourishment for the whole family originates. It is also one of the places in a home that witnesses a lot of water usage. For these reasons, it is advisable to make a smart choice when it comes to picking the right floor tiles for your kitchen. The ideal kitchen design should include a perfect blend of style and functionality. The space should look sleek and pristine, while also being easy to clean and maintain, and look great even after years of heavy duty use.

There are several kitchen tiles design options in the market, among which the Georgia finish floor tiles are a favourite among architects, interior designers and homeowners alike, and for good reason!

This elegant and functional range of double charged vitrified tiles come in a glossy finish, and are available in 6 stunning colour options - Georgia White, Georgia Cream, Georgia Snow White, Georgia Royal, Georgia Crown, and Georgia Cres. They are available in the following sizes - 600 x 600, 800 x 800, 800 x 1200.

Easy to install & maintain

Compared to materials like marble, granite or wood, these double charged vitrified tiles are very quick and easy to install, while also being highly cost-effective. The glossy finish makes these tiles easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your kitchen design looks new and pristine for years to come. Even tough stains like oil splatters can be cleaned with just a wipe of a wet sponge. These floor tiles can also be used in other spaces besides the kitchen, such as the bedroom, living room, or outdoor spaces like balconies and terraces.

Low performance

The Georgia range of floor tiles boast of low water absorption, making them ideal for spaces like the kitchen, which witness heavy water usage throughout the day. It is also important to ensure that the joints between the tiles are minimal, which reduces the chance of dust and moisture settling in the grouts, ensuring that the tiles do not swell up and crack over time.

Vitero Tiles - the perfect choice

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