• Redefining the sophistication of kitchens with vitrified tiles

Redefining the sophistication of kitchens with vitrified tiles

India is one of the countries in the world where cooking is culturally driven and traditionally inspired. We are passionate about food and where it is cooked for a number of reasons.

Any contemporary kitchen today is built for convenience and as a showcase of current trends. But as they continue to gain popularity, the desire to design a sophisticated space where you can cook up a storm sends us down a rabbit hole of decisions. And that’s where you can turn to Vitero Tiles!

Perfectly capable of adhering to personal design choices and tastes, our range of vitrified tiles for the kitchen have been manufactured keeping an average homeowner’s need in this day and age. However, there is ample room to explore limitless design capabilities to bring your dream kitchen to life. Vitero Tiles, with its world-class technology, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and quality control, can help you reflect your essence in your personal creative space.

With high mechanical strength, our vitrified tiles can easily be laid in any kitchen. They are stain and scratch-resistant, making maintenance a walk in the park. They are also anti-skid, which is ideal in an area that is prone to water and oil spillage as well as grease stains.

Our Amazonite tile design under the Glazed Vitrified Tiles category includes a high glossy finish that makes any tile in this range an excellent option for your kitchen floor and walls. These tiles have been expertly crafted using new-age Italian technology that resists stains and regular wear & tear. Give your plush kitchen spaces a creative makeover by picking your favourite from an exquisite range of Amazonite vitrified tiles.

Claro is a magnificent polish-finish Glazed Vitrified Tile design that is well-suited as a floor or wall tile in any kind of kitchen. It is long-lasting and blends easily into any type of kitchen plan. You can add a contemporary touch to your cooking spaces floors and walls, seamlessly.


The Ariyana Brown tile design, another eloquent Glazed Vitrified Tile, is also a leading choice for wall tiles in the kitchen. A part of our digital printed wall tiles range, it is manufactured using superior Italian technology, which helps it retain its natural shine and charm for decades to come. Add a splash of colour and minimalist design to your modern kitchen ambience with this exquisite tile.


With the emergence of creating personalized tiles, backed by functional needs, Vitero Tiles has the potential to cater to the sophisticated desires of your modern cooking spaces with tiles that have been developed using world-class technology.

A contemporary cooking space will not only enhance the joy of cooking, but will also exceed expectations when it comes to pure functionality. To build a kitchen that reflects you and the aspirations of your cooking practices, Vitero Tiles is the way to go.