• How to Keep Your Tiles Brand-New Even After a Year

How to Keep Your Tiles Brand-New Even After a Year

Maintaining the appearance of your tile flooring after years of usage is not only possible but also simple with appropriate maintenance. Nevertheless, as simple as it may appear to keep tiles spotless, there are a few methods to keep them looking as new as the day they were laid, and in this blog, we’ll discuss those few effective methods to keep your tiles immaculate.

Keep tiles looking brand-new with these simple tips:

Dusting & Vacuuming

Though daily dusting and vacuuming may seem overwhelming to some, doing so on a regular basis ensures that your tile retains its luster. This also relieves you of the need to worry about the tiles in the long term. Cleaning on a regular basis does not necessitate the use of a range of chemicals or detergents; simply dusting and then mopping with water would suffice. It would also be advisable to dry the tiles immediately after mopping with a clean, dry cloth.

Stain Removal

If there’s a situation where you spilled any ingredient on the floor, be attentive and clean them immediately, if not it may lead to creating stubborn marks on the tiles. You can prefer using chemicals like vinegar, baking soda, and ammonia as cleaning agents to remove the stains easily.

Using Vinegar, Ammonia, Baking Soda

Vinegar is a multi-purpose ingredient to clean the tile effectively. There are many DIY methods to clean your tiles using vinegar, using a half cup of vinegar in the water while moping the tiles would make your tiles look fresh. Due to its PH level, you can only use vinegar for certain hard tiles like marble and stone.

Many people like to clean their tiles using an ammonia solution because it rapidly removes tough stains from the tiles. However, a few precautions must be taken before cleaning with ammonia: mix the solution with warm water, use hand gloves when cleaning, and maintain the environment airy to allow the ammonia smell to dissipate.

Making your tiles sparkle by combining baking soda and vinegar with dishwashing liquid is a simple and efficient method. Even if you find tough stains, cleaning them with a towel or sponge will suffice; vigorous scrubbing or brushing can damage your tiles.

Damaged tiles need professional help

It is possible for your tiles to become damaged or broken; instead of attempting to repair them yourself by following DIY methods, you can hire a professional to do it because they have the necessary tools. If the tile cannot be restored, it will be replaced with a new one.

These are a few practical strategies for keeping your tiles looking new for a long time. Vitero tiles provide a diverse range of glazed vitrified tiles, double charged vitrified tiles, digital wall tiles, and full-body tiles that are meant to retain quality, durability, and aesthetic value.