• Tile Trends 2024: What's Hot For Bedroom Renovations

Tile Trends 2024: What's Hot For Bedroom Renovations

The 21st century is all about updates. From our phones to fashion, everything seems to get a new version every year. Amidst this constant evolution, the world of interior design is abuzz with fresh and exciting offerings. Among the various elements shaping a bedroom's atmosphere, tiles emerge as versatile tools of creativity and style.

In 2024, more people are using trendy bedroom tiles to make their rooms look stylish and classy. We've picked out the top 6 trends that can turn your space into a comfy and stylish haven. Let’s check them out:

A blend of vintage and contemporary styles:

Mixing modern designs with vintage textures can often make a room feel well-curated and complete. The Ariyana Brown tiles from our glazed vitrified tiles range are becoming increasingly popular, bringing a classic yet modern feel to bedrooms. The wood, stone or floral patterns in bedroom tiles are worth keeping an eye out for. These designs bring a bit of vintage aesthetics, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Play of bold geometrics:

Geometric patterns are making a strong statement in tiles for bedroom. From intricate tessellations to striking hexagons, geometric tiles add visual interest and modern flair to bedroom floors and walls. Choosing bold 3D bedroom tiles like the Aqua Line from our Gold Series can instantly turn your space into a stylish retreat.

Making texture the hero:

Tiles with rich textures like the Aqua Brown Wood are gaining attention for their ability to add depth and dimension to bedroom spaces. Whether it's embossed patterns, tactile finishes, or three-dimensional surfaces, textured bedroom tiles create an immersive sensory experience that enhances the overall ambience of the room.

A statement with monochromatic colours:

Monochrome designs have long been associated with luxury, and they remain a top choice in tiles for bedroom renovations this year. Introducing unconventional designs like the Alba Onyx Polish F1, Bottochino Royale or colours like emerald green, deep navy and rich terracotta can bring opulence and personality to bedrooms.

Expressing taste through customised tiles:

Customised tiles are gaining popularity as homeowners seek unique and bespoke aesthetics for their bedrooms. Characterised by the homeowners' personalities, our range of digital tiles can add authenticity and charm to bedroom spaces. Embracing these allows homeowners to infuse their bedroom tiles with character and individuality.

The charm of matte finishes:

Matte tiles continue to be a favoured choice for bedroom tiles designs in 2024. Their subtle elegance and clean appearance create a soothing atmosphere ideal for bedrooms. Matte tiles like the Linea Punch and Wave Punch from our Gold Series offer an improved slip resistance and easy maintenance, making them a practical yet stylish option for bedroom floors and walls.

When choosing a tile for your bedroom, prioritize benefits, materials and finishes without compromising on the style. Homeowners today have a plethora of options to personalise their bedrooms according to their preferences. Whether you lean towards timeless elegance or customised tiles, there's a tile trend to complement every aesthetic. So, don't be afraid to be bold. Experiment with textures and let your bedroom reflect your unique style and personality.