Digital Floor Tiles

Vitero brings you an extensive range of Digital tiles for floors, that are high on style and high on performance. Intricately designed and meticulously crafted, these floor tiles are ideal for bathroom floors and can be mixed and matched with our range of digital wall tiles to bring your bath spaces to life.  These vitrified tiles come in matt finish and are ideal for wet areas. They are easy to clean, have high slip resistance and are highly durable.


Frequently asked questions

What are digital floor tiles?

Digital floor tiles use state-of-the-art digital printing technology to add a layer of design over the floor tiles. This allows for a wide range of beautiful designs, colours, and textures to be printed on to the floor tiles. Digitally printed floor tiles give you the freedom to easily create stunning visual spaces. You can mix and match various designs and patterns to create unique spaces that speak your style.

What is the difference between digital floor tiles vs double charge vitrified tiles?

Double charged vitrified tiles are meant for areas that witness more heavy duty use, as compared to regular floor tiles. Because double charged vitrified tiles are made by fusing two layers of pigment, they are usually thicker than normal tiles. This gives them extra durability, but makes it impossible to print a variety of designs on them using digital printing technology.

What is “digital technology” in terms of floor tiles?

Digital printing technology allows for a variety of stunning designs and finishes to be printed onto the tiles. Natural finishes like wood and marble can be replicated where the grains and patterns make it look just like the real thing. An almost endless range of colours, patterns, designs, and textures can also be digitally printed onto the tiles to match any design aesthetic and complement the interiors or exteriors of any space.