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Vitero manufactures Double Charged Vitrified Tiles by infusing together two layers of tiles. The top layer of design is approximately 3 to 4 mm of the tile and counts for roughly 25% of the tile with the base layer being distinct from the top layer. Double Charged Vitrified Tiles have the ability to withstand long wear and tear and the heavy traffic in commercial spaces. They are a preferred choice for commercial projects like hotels, malls, restaurants, hospitals and even residential projects.

What make VITERO Floor Tiles So Different?

VITERO Double Charged Vitrified Tiles are better than ceramic tiles. Manufactured by fusing together two layers of tiles. These floor tiles have extremely low porosity, and very low water absorption. It is hard and strong, as well as stain resistant. VITERO Floor Tiles deliver a lot of benefits over tiles made by other processes, natural marble or granite and hence is very popular in residences and commercial spaces. When compared to ceramic, marble and granite, VITERO Floor Tiles are very durable. They are consistent in sizes, shades and thickness, unlike the variable sizes and shades you get when you opt for natural materials. Colour permanence is something most tile manufacturers don’t want to talk about. But when it come to VITERO Floor Tiles, even direct exposure to sunlight will neither alter the colour of the tiles nor cause them to fade.

Being non-porous and moisture resistant, VITERO floor tiles prevent bacteria and fungi from growing. They are very easy to clean and maintain. Among the biggest benefits of choosing VITERO tiles is that they cut the laying and setting times drastically. They are also easier to install and need practically no setting time or polishing after laying. They can be used within 48 hours after they are laid. VITERO Double Charged Vitrified tiles are available in many colours, patterns, designs, and sizes. And the quality of every tile quality is guaranteed.