Anti-skid Vitrified Tiles: 5 Reasons To Have Them For Your Floors

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Benefits of using Anti-skid Vitrified Tiles

Tiles are used everywhere of varying types— granite, ceramic, marble, slate, faux wood, and so on. But are these tiles safe?
In spite of the magnificence of these abstract tiles, their pitfalls i.e. their tendency of being slippery cannot be overlooked.

In this case,Anti-skid vitrified tiles work the best,

They have an anti- slip floor coating to keep friction high even when the surface is wet and soapy. This keeps any possibility of slipping at bay. The anti-skid vitrified tiles are well-suited for the outdoor purpose as well because they are resistant to graze and blemish, and hence lend a sense of timelessness to the designs.
The anti-skid vitrified tiles come in varying colors: brown, white, off-white, and cream and in different textures and sizes.

Other than flooring, these tiles are used for walls, too.

Here are five reasons why you should use Anti-Skid Vitrified tiles:

Prevent accidents:
Ceramic tiles with smooth surface make people prone to accidents. When water or any kind of substance coats these smooth surfaced tiles, they become slippery and dangerous for people around. Especially, for the senior members of the family, the ordinary tiles can become hazardous.

The Anti-skid vitrified tiles are moisture resistant. So, even when they’re wet, these tiles preempts to skidding.

Reduce friction:
As the surface of these anti-skid vitrified tiles is porous, it holds all forms of liquid within the minuscule dips of its slightly jagged surface, which in turn reduces the friction. It makes walking on them easier and slipping on these floors highly unlikely.

Low maintenance:
Anti-skid vitrified tiles are water and stain resistant. Cleaning them up is much easier than the ceramic tiles.

Lasts longer than other tiles:
Anti-skid vitrified tiles last longer than other ceramic tiles because of their thickness and high resistance toward water and stains. The luster of the tiles still remains the same over time and their weathering process are slow due to their durability. They don’t get scratched easily, either.

Easy to install:
Installing these tiles is quick and is done faster with minimum setting time. They do not require anti-slip floor coating. It only takes 48 hours, provided if done by an expert. And before you even realize it, the area is all set and ready to be used.

Other than this, you can also get your floors coated with anti-slip floor coating to reduce any form of accidents.

Walking on a surface that’s slippery is as dangerous as it can get. So, the anti-skid vitrified tiles should be chosen wisely.

Vitero Tiles have made this choice easy for you by introducing the anti-skid vitrified tiles that are affordable and at the same time stylish.

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Anti Skid Vitrified Tiles


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