Why Branded Tiles Win Over Local Tiles In Every Aspect

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Building your dream home is a labour of love, and every element that makes up a part of your abode deserves to be beautiful, durable, and allow you to live a hassle-free lifestyle. 

When it comes to selecting the floor tiles and wall tiles for your home, it can get overwhelming to choose from the seemingly endless options that are available in the market. The first choice you will have to make is between opting for local tiles or branded tiles. 

In this blog, we will examine the points of difference between the two and discover why branded tiles are the best choice for your home in the long run.


Owing to a pan-India network of dealers and showrooms, branded tiles are available in almost every corner of the country, whereas local tiles are limited to certain areas. With branded tiles, you also need not worry about them running out of stock of a particular tile, since their superior manufacturing capabilities, and up-to-date logistics ensure that all the tiles are always available in stock.


State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and stringent quality control measures ensure that branded tiles are always of the same quality, both in terms of looks and performance. With local tiles, you are bound to find inconsistencies and minor manufacturing defects from time to time.


Branded tiles tend to use higher quality of raw materials and better manufacturing technology, which results in more robust and durable tiles that will last longer, and look great even after years of use. Local tiles, while cheaper at face value, will fade or erode quickly, and will constantly need to be replaced. Branded tiles also often come with some sort of guarantee from the company.

Uniform pricing

While there is no way to ensure uniform pricing of local tiles, which can be easily manipulated depending on the location and situation, branded tiles are uniformly priced across the country, and there is no scope for manipulating the pricing since all the information is easily accessible to the customer. The logo on branded tiles is also an assurance of quality, a claim which local tiles cannot make.

Wide Range

Because big tile manufacturing companies have access to the latest technologies, like nano-polishing or laser printing, they are able to offer a wide range of stunning designs and patterns that are beyond the capabilities of local tile manufacturers. This allows you to explore a multitude of options before you decide on a look that reflects your unique style.

So, if you’re looking for floor tiles and wall tiles for your home, choose a brand like Vitero Tiles - A part of the Aparna Group, which has over 30 years of experience in the building materials industry, Vitero Tiles is one of the India’s leading tile manufacturers, dedicated to delivering nothing but the best quality tiles to customers across the country.

With the use of world-class technology, the highest quality raw materials, and a series of stringent quality checks, Vitero manufactures exquisite, reliable and durable floor tiles and wall tiles for residential and commercial purposes alike. Make the smart choice, and choose Vitero for all your tiling needs.

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