Everything you need to know about Glazed Vitrified Tiles

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Over the past decade, Glazed Vitrified Tiles have taken the wall and floor tile market by storm – rivaling old favorites like marble, granite, and other traditional flooring materials – and for good reason!

They’re more durable, versatile, customizable and far easier to maintain.

Thanks to digital printing technology, the designs and textures that can be printed on to the tiles is virtually endless – every type of finish, from wood to natural stone to bamboo and more is possible with digital glazed vitrified tiles. This wide range of design options translates to more beautiful, customizable, and unique spaces, where you can truly showcase your style.

Every space can be given a distinctive look based on its purpose and the resident’s personal style. In residences, living rooms and common areas need to look welcoming and warm – this is where light coloured stone finishes can do the trick. Mix them up with contrasting borders or strips of different tiles in the middle. Bedrooms demand a cozy feel to them, which can be achieved with natural wood finish tiles.

Similarly, in commercial/office spaces, like malls, conference rooms or convention centres, each space can be totally transformed by choosing the right combination of wall and floor tiles.

Advanced technology for perfect tiles

Vitero floor tiles are manufactured at our 1 million sft. facility, using an environment-friendly process.

Digital glazed vitrified tiles are developed using digital printing technology. They are single layered tiles which attain the durability they are known for by being pressed in the hydraulic pressing machine under high pressure. They are later printed using high-quality inkjet printers – which means that various attractive textures and designs can be translated on to these tiles.

The attractive digital designs are printed on the glaze coating, enabling us to develop thousands of aesthetically pleasing designs. A final nano coating on the tiles makes them stain-resistant, wear-resistant, and anti-bacterial. They can be widely used for various applications in indoor and outdoor settings, for commercial and residential spaces.

The preferred choice for walls and floors

Vitero glazed vitrified tiles offer a range of benefits over traditional flooring materials like marble or granite, and also tiles made by other processes, making them a very popular choice for residences and commercial spaces.

Compared to marble and granite, Vitero’s Glazed Vitrified Tiles are extremely durable and versatile. Their consistency in size, shades and thickness, unlike the variable sizes and shades you tend to get when you opt for natural materials, makes them easy to install and maintain.

With Vitero Tiles, direct exposure to sunlight does not alter their colour, and neither causes them to fade. Colour consistency is flawless, and every batch is exactly the same. They are easy to handle and quick to lay, reducing the installation time drastically.

All Vitero tiles also boast of many features that make them easy-to-maintain and hygienic. They are mildew and stain-resistant, immune to any damage due to exposure to sunlight, and don’t require polishing after laying. Water damage or mold formation are also out of the question. Their strength and durability give them a long lifetime, throughout which they maintain their good looks!

Make the beautiful, easy and hygienic choice for your floors and walls with Vitero Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles.

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