Guide to purchasing vitrified tiles

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Beautiful floors enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Being relatively more permanent than the rest of the decor, it is important to choose the right flooring options for your space for easy maintenance and sustainable looks. Out of all the flooring options in the market today, vitrified tiles stand out for being a popular choice among homemakers, architects and designers due to their wide range of benefits. 

What are vitrified tiles? 

Built out of a mixture of 60% silica and 40% clay, high quality feldspar and other minerals, vitrified tiles are dry pressed and fired at very high temperatures to give them a strong build. These tiles are famous for their versatile nature, low-porosity, anti-stain and scratch proof properties. Vitrified tiles come in a variety of designs, prints and patterns, thanks to digital and nano technologies. With flawless colour consistency, digital technology  makes it possible to print tiles with almost any design.

Explore the different types of vitrified tiles

There are several types of vitrified tiles that can be used in residential, commercial, outdoor and office spaces. While glazed vitrified tiles work brilliantly for floors and walls in residential spaces, double charged vitrified tiles are great for places with a high foot fall due to their thick and sturdy nature. Polished glazed vitrified tiles are similar to GVT tiles, but have an extra layer of polish on them, giving it a sleek look. Finally, digital floor and wall tiles that are increasingly becoming popular are printed using interesting colours, textures and designs, making them a great fit for accent walls, bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.

Find a pick for every space

Choosing the right tiles for every space in your house is extremely important to enjoy hassle-free living. While for the living room, you can opt for vitrified tiles that impart a seamless, contemporary look, like wooden finish vitrified tiles or the ones with a marble finish, for kitchen and bathroom flooring, choose digital glazed vitrified tiles that have an anti-skid feature. Similarly, opt for digital wall tiles to add a pop of design to dull looking walls. 

Stand-out features

1.    Manufactured using high-end technology, all kinds of vitrified tiles are resistant to dirt, dust, stains and scratches. 
2.    Due to their low water absorption property, they are almost water-proof and low on porosity. 
3.    Vitrified tiles are highly durable and retain their shine and lustre for years to come.
4.    With vitrified tiles, one can easily achieve the rich look of wood or marble at much lesser prices. 
5.    Unlike traditional flooring materials like wood or marble, glazed, double charged or polished vitrified tiles do not fade, discolor, chip, crack or rot during use. Not only are these materials expensive to buy but also require extensive maintenance and frequent care.

Installation and maintenance

One of the easiest to install flooring options, vitrified tiles can be bought in different sizes depending on the spatial requirements of the place and are quick to install without the need of extensive labour. They can be ready to use just after a short time post installation.

In terms of maintenance, vitrified floor and wall tiles are a great boon. They eliminate the need for high-end maintenance or frequent polishing and can easily be cleaned using regular cleaning materials. 

Premium-quality stunning vitrified tiles by Vitero 

Select from the widest range of vitrified tiles textures, finishes, designs and prints, go for florals, checkered, waves and striped or mimic the rustic look of wood and bamboo or the elegant feel of glazed marble with Vitero Tiles. 

Being one of India’s leading vitrified tile manufacturers, Vitero’s expertise can transform any space to give it a sleek, contemporary and effortless vibe. 

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