GVT- looks like Wood

November - 2019

GVT- looks like Wood, feels like Wood but is not Wood

There are many options of flooring for you to choose from. This means people often get confused as to the perfect flooring option for their home or business. Having said that, we hope that by the end of this article your problem will be resolved.

Whether your home is modern, traditional or rustic, when you choose Vitero GVT wood finish tiles from the AMARA collection, you’ll have no problem finding something to complement your design style.

Look Like Wood, Feel Like Wood But Are Not Wood

Wood finish tiles are – as the name suggests – tiles that look like wood. But unlike natural timber, Vitero’s wood finish Glazed Vitrified tiles are incredibly hard-wearing, really easy to live with and maintain. They won’t rot or warp when they get wet.

Currently, Vitero digital glazed vitrified tiles’ wood effect tiles are one of the hot, emerging trends in interior design and home decor. Imitating a natural ambience, these floor tiles are designed to be integrated into any flooring design – be it classic or contemporary or rustic – bringing and adding a delightful elegance into your residence or office.

Tough As Nails

Combining the look and feel of natural wood with the hardwearing, water resistant properties of vitrified tiles, these premium tiles are the ideal finishing touch for any room. They’re available in a choice of pleasing and realistic shades.

Vitero brings an extensive range of wood finish tiles.  Which means you needn’t go anywhere else to maintain a consistent look and feel, no matter how large the flooring area that needs to be covered.  The range includes different sizes and styles and are perfect for all kinds of spaces – both indoor and outdoor.

Give your home a trend-led look with these wood effect tiles. Featuring bold variations in pattern and shade, they capture the feel of vintage wood, but with all the practical benefits of vitrified tiles.

Hardly Any Wastage

Our GVT tiles are far less expensive than real wood, and come in sizes that ensure there is little to no wastage which keeps cost down to a minimum.

Less Installation Work

Unlike natural wood, installing Vitero’s wood finish tiles is not a complicated process. They can be easily laid on both, even and uneven surfaces, and are ready for service within 48 hours after laying.

Easy To Keep Clean

As our tiles are far less absorbent than wood, they do not stain. This makes it easier to sponge, wipe, and mop and maintain a spic and span look for years. In addition, they are bacteria free.

Unlike real wood, Glazed Vitrified Tiles do not require high maintenance such as polishing, sealing, and the use of expensive varnishing agents either.

No Staining

These tiles are acid and alkali resistant, and water proof due to their low absorption properties, this means they are essentially stain proof. More important, they are hard wearing and resistant to both fading and to harsh chemicals present in cleaning products.

No Scratching

Unlike other kind of tiles, these floor tiles have very high abrasion resistance and are almost impossible to scratch. They are extremely strong with excellent durability, making them virtually wear-proof and are ideally suitable for heavy traffic areas. In addition, these tiles do not chip easily and don’t crack in extreme temperature conditions.

No Tile Like A Vitero Tile

Finally, keep in mind that flooring choices are a long-term commitment. Although it is easy to change your furniture, fixtures and fittings in a home, flooring is far more permanent.

This means you will need to seriously consider your choice of flooring to ensure it works well with your home, practically and aesthetically. Vitero GVT wood effect tiles offer you the elegance of real wood, and yet negates almost all of its drawbacks.

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